Remember Those M1 Mac Swap Issues? It MIGHT Have Been Fixed In macOS Big Sur 11.4

A while ago, the Internet lit up with news that Apple’s super fast M1 based Macs had serious swap issues. This issue meant that the operating system was writing to the SSD at a rate that the life of said SSD would be dramatically shortened. Which of course is bad seeing as these SSD’s are not replaceable. Well, this was clearly an Apple issue as this was mitigated in macOS Big Sur 11.4 as confirmed by Hector Martin who is a well known developer in the Apple community:

Now I saw this in May, but I waited until now to report on it because I wanted confirmation that the issue is fully addressed. From what I can tell, the Jury is still out on this one. This MacRumors post illustrates that for this person, the issue is fixed. However, this Reddit post says that the issue is not fixed. That suggests to me that in certain use cases, this might have been fixed. Which means that this is still a concern for anyone with an M1 based Mac. Or anyone who wants one. My advice would be to install macOS 11.4 and see if it addresses this issue for you. If you could even take a moment to leave a comment with your results, I’d really appreciate it.

This is one of these times where Apple would really help the situation by being way more transparent about this issue as it appears to be their problem to fix. But I guess that I expect too much from Apple as they are not that sort of company, and are never going to be.

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