HP+ The Smarter Printing System Is Launching In Canada

Today, more than 80 per cent of Canadians who began working remote, say they hope to maintain a hybrid schedule, working at least half their hours from home in a post-COVID world, according to Stats Canada. As these structural shifts create more freedom and flexibility for today’s worker, HP Inc. is debuting HP+ in Canada as a smart and modern printing experience designed for a post-COVID world.  

Since the pandemic began, the demand for printing has grown immensely. To meet this growing need, HP+ is helping modernize home offices, while ensuring seamless integration by: 

  • Offering a new cloud ecosystem, that provides enhanced security and reliability to print from virtually anywhere. 
  • Enabling you to scan, upload and share documents wherever you are powered by the HP Smart App.
  • Helping you never run out of ink by pairing HP+ with HP Instant Ink. 
  • Putting the planet first by promoting zero-deforestation printing and closed-loop cartridge recycling through HP’s Planet Partners program. 

Launched Globally in April, HP+ has arrived in Canada and offers the freedom and flexibility WFH requires. If you’re interested, you can learn more about HP+ here.

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