#Fail: Volkswagen Says a Vendor’s Security Lapse Leaked 3.3 Million Drivers’ Details In The US & Canada

Volkswagen says more than 3.3 million customers had their information exposed after one of its vendors left a cache of customer data unsecured on the internet:

The car maker said in a letter that the vendor, used by Volkswagen, its subsidiary Audi, and authorized dealers in the U.S. and Canada, left the customer data spanning 2014 to 2019 unprotected over a two-year window between August 2019 and May 2021. The data, which Volkswagen said was gathered for sales and marketing, contained personal information about customers and prospective buyers, including their name, postal and email addresses, and phone number. But more than 90,000 customers across the U.S. and Canada also had more sensitive data exposed, including information relating to loan eligibility. The letter said most of the sensitive data was driver’s license numbers, but that a “small” number of records also included a customer’s date of birth and Social Security numbers.

Well, if you own a VW or Audi product, you might have a problem. And if you’re like me who is on a VW mailing list, you might also have a problem. I wonder why the company thought they deserved to have that information to begin with. This idea that every business you interact with needs to know all about you is absurd. Sell me your product, don’t try to make me your product.

In any case, I hope VW gets slapped pretty hard for this screw up as this is not acceptable.

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