US Senate Mulls Laws To Fight Cyberattacks

U.S. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer on Thursday said he is initiating a review of recent high-profile cyber attacks on governments and businesses to find out whether a legislative response is needed:

“Today I am asking Chairman Gary Peters of our Homeland Security Committee and our other relevant committee chairs to begin a government-wide review of these attacks and determine what legislation may be needed to counter the threat of cyber crime and bring the fight to the cyber criminals.” Schumer noted that the New York City subway system was the victim of a computer hack in early June. This came on the heels of Colonial Pipeline having to shut down some operations, resulting in disrupted fuel supplies in the U.S. Southeast, as a result of a cyber attack.

In case you were wondering about the cyberattack on the New York subway system, The New York Times has a story about it that you can read.

In any case. I for one would be in favor of laws to address cyberattacks. The thing is that it has to cover a number of areas:

  • It has to force companies to employ defenses against cyberattacks. And face punishments if they fail to do so. Along with worse punishments if they get pwned and those defenses were not in place.
  • It has to require companies who get pwned to report that they got pwned.
  • It has to make paying the ransom illegal to make it less profitable for the scumbags behind these crimes.
  • It has to go after the scumbags behind these crimes and target the cash. Because if its not profitable to do these crimes, they won’t do it.
  • It has to go after the nation states who shield these scumbags. That way the scumbags in question have no place to hide.

The fact is that this cannot be some token measure. It has to have teeth. Otherwise we’re going to be talking about this day after day.

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