Another Reason For Rogers To Be Scared…. TELUS Launches PureFibre X With Canada’s Fastest Internet Speeds

I’ve written previously about why Rogers is on the back foot when it comes to being an Internet provider versus Bell Canada. Now there’s one more reason why Rogers will stay on the back foot. TELUS announced today that it is rolling out what they call PureFibre X. The rollout will start in Calgary, and then continue to other communities in Alberta and BC in “the months ahead.” But here’s the reason why Rogers should be scared. PureFibre X offers download and upload speeds of 2.5 Gbps which makes it the top of the food chain when it comes to Internet speeds in Canada. And in the process destroying anything that Rogers offers. Here’s some more key facts from the press release:

A 100 per cent FTTH network means that every part of the TELUS PureFibre network is built with state-of-the-art fibre optics, right up to the connection point at the home or business, ensuring customers have the fastest most capable network available. With the only true all fibre network in Western Canada, TELUS delivers the best network performance available anywhere in the world, including the fastest upload and download speeds. This infrastructure is critical for enabling TELUS PureFibre X – the next phase of world-leading network performance – which now allows Calgary residents on the PureFibre network access to the fastest Internet speeds in Canada. In another technological advancement, PureFibre X Internet plans include the latest Wi-Fi 6, enabling better quality connectivity and connections throughout the home. By leveraging Wi-Fi 6 technology with TELUS’ new PureFibre X, we can provide households with nearly limitless connectivity enabling simultaneous 4K streaming, video conferencing, web surfing, gaming, smart home automation, and smart home security.

So the way I see things, this will force Bell to up their game as their fastest Internet offering is 1.5 Gbps. But that should be doable as like TELUS, they are an end to end fibre solution. Rogers on the other hand isn’t, which means the disparity between their Internet offerings and those of Bell and TELUS just got worse. Sure this isn’t offered in Ontario, but Rogers wants to buy Shaw to be more of a player in Western Canada which is where these services will be offered. And this announcement makes them an also ran even before that deal gets closed.

Here’s a promo video from TELUS:

If the folks at TELUS are reading this, a tip of the metaphorical hat to you and please bring this service to Ontario (along with the rest of the services that you don’t offer here in Ontario) so that people in this province can have another option when it comes to their telco needs.

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