Ransomware Attack Of 200 Firms Is Underway

A ransomware attack has potentially impacted hundreds of companies this weekend. The attack is said to be done by REvil which is a group who is well known for going after big targets and getting big payments. In this case, IT management firm Kaseya has been the focus of this attack, that deals with software tools it produces. The Florida company disclosed that its VSA software was part of a potential security incident, prompting the shutdown of its servers and notifying customers to shut down related VSA servers. Security firm Huntress speaking to Gizmodo, three of its MSP clients had been affected, which could have affected as many as 200 smaller firms.

That’s bad.

The U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency issued a release on Friday, encouraging companies to read Kaseya’s advisory and to shut down VSA servers immediately. Which anyone who uses Kaseya servers should immediately do.

Expect this story to develop quickly.

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