WARNING! A New Text Message #Scam Involving TD Bank Is Making The Rounds [UPDATED x2]

If you are a TD Bank customer, you need to pay attention to this scam that hit my iPhone a few minutes ago.

Now I have redacted my phone number. But I left the scammer’s number in place so that you can compare it if you get this text message. The big hint that this is a scam is that it states that “Your Debit Card starting with ‘4724’ has been flagged and disabled for further use.” Ignoring the bad grammar, every TD debit card starts with ‘4724’ which makes this a pretty generic phishing attempt. The one thing that I have to point out is that while most people will ignore this, there are a few who will fall for this. Because a scam doesn’t have to be successful in volume to be successful.

In the interest of science, I replied Y to see what happened next. But I did not get any response. If I do, I will let you know. But in the interest of shutting these scumbags down, I sent this to TD via Twitter:

To their credit, TD replied pretty quickly:

I sent the email that they requested with the screen shot above. Hopefully TD can shut these scumbags down. In the meantime, keep your head on a swivel so that you don’t fall victim to a scam like this.

UPDATE (9/6/2021): I got reports over Labour Day weekend that this scam is still very much active as people contacted me on Twitter with screen shots of the scam in action:

I brought this to the attention of TD on July 13th and I submitted all the info that they requested on that date. It’s clear that TD hasn’t shut this scam down. Thus I am afraid that it’s up to TD customers to protect themselves as clearly TD can’t protect them from this scam. This was reinforced by this reply from TD when I brought it to their attention again:

TD has the information as I gave it to them when they requested it back in July. They clearly haven’t done anything more than “monitor” this. I pointed this out in a reply, and TD replied to me soon after:

That’s bad news for TD customers as clearly TD hasn’t got their back. And based on these replies, the person behind their Twitter account clearly doesn’t get how serious this is.

UPDATE #2: Clearly I am not alone in feeling that TD isn’t trying hard enough to stop this scam.

And seeing that this story is now getting dozens of hits an hour on a holiday weekend, I am guessing that TD’s image as a bank that their customers can rely upon is going out the window very quickly.

2 Responses to “WARNING! A New Text Message #Scam Involving TD Bank Is Making The Rounds [UPDATED x2]”

  1. […] a horrible response from whomever is in charge of their Twitter account. But I am not surprised as this example illustrates that TD Canada really needs to rethink how they deal with customers over social media. […]

  2. […] so that they can take action. Hopefully they respond in a manner that protects their customers. Unlike my experience with TD in terms of reporting a scam that involved them. I’ll keep you posted on […]

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