TD Appears To Have Stopped A Text Message #Scam That Was Targeting Their Customers

There’s been a long running text message scam that has been targeting TD customers that appears to have plenty of steam as I am still getting emails and message about that scam. Plus there’s a second text message scam that I discovered that also targets TD customers. Though this one isn’t as pervasive as the first one. Well I’m sorry to say that there’s now a third text message scam that you have to be on the lookout for. Here’s how it works. You start with receiving this message:

I’ve redacted the phone number of the person who sent this to me. But the premise of this scam is that your TD account is locked and you need to unlock it. If you reply “Yes” to this text, you instantly get a link that you should click on. Which by the way you should never ever do. But I am going to because I want to show you what happens next. But before I do, you’ll note that there’s a URL in it that says which is not a TD bank controlled domain. That’s the big hint that you should delete this text right away.

However there is good news in this. It appears that TD has stepped in and stopped this. When I tried to go to, it was redirected to TD’s website. Thus this kills this scam in its tracks. Thus I will applaud TD on doing this as they are taking scams like this seriously. Something that I have criticized them for not doing in the past. Hopefully this continues as it is in their interest to protect their customers from scams like this.

Good on you TD!

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  1. Nope…TD has NOT stopped this text scam. It appears to have switched to a new outgoing number (1+819-432-3964). I received this message today, November 2, 2002:
    “TD Alerts: Account Card starting in 472409** has been temporarily restricted.
    Reply “Y” to Restore Banking.
    Reply “N” to Book an Appointment at a Branch.”

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