A New Low For The Spyware Made By The NSO Group…. It Was Used To Swipe Photos Of Women To Embarrass Them

So this is all sorts of underhanded.

NBC News is reporting that NSO Group spyware. has reportedly been used by governments to obtain the private photos from the phones of female journalists and activists. These photos were then posted online with the aim of attacking their reputation.


Ghada Oueiss, a Lebanese broadcast journalist at Al-Jazeera, was eating dinner at home with her husband last June when she received a message from a colleague telling her to check Twitter. Oueiss opened up the account and was horrified: A private photo taken when she was wearing a bikini in a jacuzzi was being circulated by a network of accounts, accompanied by false claims that the photos were taken at her boss’s house.

Over the next few days she was barraged with thousands of tweets and direct messages attacking her credibility as a journalist, describing her as a prostitute or telling her she was ugly and old. Many of the messages came from accounts that appeared to support Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud, known as MBS, including some verified accounts belonging to government officials.

“I immediately knew that my phone had been hacked,” said Oueiss, who believes she was targeted in an effort to silence her critical reporting on the Saudi regime. “Those photos were not published anywhere. They were only on my phone.”

“I am used to being harassed online. But this was different,” she added. “It was as if someone had entered my home, my bedroom, my bathroom. I felt so unsafe and traumatized.”

Oueiss is one of several high-profile female journalists and activists who have allegedly been targeted and harassed by authoritarian regimes in the Middle East through hack-and-leak attacks using the Pegasus spyware, created by Israeli surveillance technology company NSO Group.

Clearly despite claims to the contrary, spyware from The NSO Group is being used to go after more than just the “bad guys”. And this example makes it crystal clear that action needs to be taken against them, and those who use their spyware.

I would not at all be surprised if more stories like this come to light in the coming days.

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