Drive with Halo and Save the Galaxy from Traffic

This month, Waze is transporting you 500 years into the future to be part of an epic battle for the fate of the galaxy. They’ve teamed up with Xbox and 343 Industries, creators of the legendary Halo series, to bring the groundbreaking and beloved Halo universe experience to the road.

To mark the franchise’s 20th anniversary, for the first time ever you can ride along with a heroic Spartan super-soldier or a fierce alien war chief—and play your part in the fight to get humanity back on the right path.

Choose Your Side
Join the UNSC and the legendary Master Chief to help humanity tackle every obstacle thrown at them—whether it’s an interstellar alliance or rush hour traffic. Spartan-117 has dismantled the Covenant, turned the tide against the Flood, and battled the Banished—with that kind of experience in your corner, the mission of successfully making that dinner date will be no problem. Of course, having an all-terrain terror like the Warthog doesn’t hurt either.

Or perhaps you like to be on the rebellious side? For those that want to take control of their own fate—and the road ahead—look no further than the Banished war chief, Escharum. This brutal warrior will be there to lead your Ghost into uncharted territory and ensure victory—and a swift and safe arrival—at any cost.

Let’s Ride!
So, buckle up and confirm your coordinates because while Halo Infinite is coming this holiday, you can drive with the Halo universe today. Click here to enjoy the Halo experience every time you hit the road, with your choice of voice in English, Spanish, French or Portuguese, and Moods and Cars—all available for a limited time. Or head to your Waze app, tap “My Waze,” and select the Halo banner to activate the experience.

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