A Follow Up To My Upgrade To Rogers Ignite Services – The Rogers Ignite IPTV Box

As part of my upgrade to Rogers Ignite is that my Rogers NextBox 3.0 got replaced with this:

This is the Rogers Ignite IPTV box. It is very small as it occupies the space of two iPhone 12’s both in width and height. It does feel very plasticky and it’s very light from a weight perspective.

On the back, you get from left to right an Ethernet port, an HDMI port, and a power port that is USB-C. As you can see, I didn’t use the Ethernet port because this IPTV box supports WiFi connectivity on the 5 Ghz band. And it works very well. There were no issues that I noted. No dropped frames. No pausing. Nothing. The experience was pretty impressive.

There’s one other feature that this Rogers Ignite IPTV box has. It’s the remote:

This remote (which Rogers calls the XR15) is a Godsend. I had memorized every channel that I view when I had the NextBox 3.0. A lot of them changed when I moved to the Rogers Ignite IPTV box. Fortunately the remote has a voice search feature that allows me to search for channels, actors names, run apps, or whatever. For the most part the voice recognition works well. Though it does have the odd quirk. For example, if I was searching for the T+E channel, I would have to say “T plus E” rather than “T And E” to find it. But I can let that slide as that seems to be an edge case.

Another plus is that you get a PVR function “in the cloud” that allows you to store 200 hours of HD or 4K TV. Because it’s “in the cloud”, if you ever have to swap Ignite IPTV boxes, you don’t lose your recordings. That’s very cool. The box also uses Bluetooth so that you can pair a set of Bluetooth headphones and listen privately. Or pair a pair of speakers to enhance your listening pleasure. Finally, you can add channels like Disney+, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video to it. And the cool part is that the costs of these channels show up on your Rogers bill. That’s really handy to consolidate your spending on streaming. I should note that you do get YouTube among other free options.

From what I can see, Rogers is making a serious attempt to put the Rogers Ignite IPTV box in a position to displace your Chromcast, Apple TV, Roku or any other streaming device. In my case, it hasn’t stopped me from using the built in Roku on my TCL TV. But I admit that Rogers has kind of given me an incentive to at least think about doing just that. Because Rogers really has a winner on its hands here.

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