Motherboard Vendor GIGABYTE Pwned By Ransomware…. Along With Facing Threats Of Data Being Released

Taiwanese computer hardware vendor GIGABYTE has suffered a ransomware attack, and hackers are currently threatening to release more than 112 GB of business data on the dark web unless the company agrees to their ransom demands:

The Taiwanese company, primarily known for its high-performance motherboards, confirmed the attack in a phone call and in a message on its (now-down) Taiwanese website. A spokesperson said the incident did not impact production systems. Only a few internal servers at its Taiwanese headquarters have been affected and have now been taken down and isolated. The company is currently in the process of investigating how the hackers breached its systems, stole files, and encrypted local copies. Local law enforcement has also been notified.

This is the new normal of ransomware attacks. It’s no longer good enough for the gangs behind these attacks to simply encrypt your files and hold them for ransom. Now they also steal them and threaten to release them. That implies that these gangs get into your network and are there for a while to figure out what would be most valuable to steal and hold for ransom. Companies really need to up their defenses to make sure that they are not the next victim.

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