HP Announces Seven Brand New HP X Series Gaming Monitors

HP Inc and the OMEN team have announced seven brand new HP X Series Gaming Monitors that are available now and in the coming months.

The HP X Series Gaming Monitors deliver incredible value for the price and offer large, beautiful screens and a range of options sure to please all gamers. Four of these monitors will be IPS flat screened with 27”, 32” and 34” options while the remaining three will be VA curved with 27” and 32” options. Each gaming monitor will be capable 165Hz refresh rate with 1ms response time, along with AMD FreeSync Premium, and all come equipped with HP Eye Ease with EyeSafe Certification and an adjustable stand, so you can game more comfortably. 

Each monitor is sustainably made with 80% post-consumer recycled materials and recyclable packaging. Most importantly, the X series monitors give you a chance to experience a taste of our OMEN ecosystem with the ability to access a range of features in OMEN Gaming Hub.

Pricing and availability is as follows:

Additionally on the OMEN side of things, DigixArt’s Road 96, the first ever game part of the OMEN Presents initiative, will be launching on August 16th via Steam , Epic Games Store, and GOG. Each journey is different during this thrilling procedurally generated road trip. The OMEN Presents Road 96 Deck contains a variety of planned activations around the game, of which OMEN Gaming Hub plays a big role.

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