Enterprise Organizations Are The Number One Target For Nation State Attacks: HP

Today, HP released its latest study Nation States, Cyberconflict and the Web of Profit report, revealing 64% of experts saw a worrying escalation in cyber tensions between 2017-2020. As enterprise organizations are the number one target for Nation State attacks, the research shows cyberattacks are becoming more frequent, varied and open – moving us closer to a point of advanced cyberconflict more than ever before.  

Other key findings include: 

  • 72% of respondents said they worry that Nation State tools, techniques, and procedures could filter through to the dark net and be used to attack their business 
  • 75% of experts say COVID-19 was a significant opportunity to exploit 
  • 100% increase in significant nation state incidents 
  • 50% of cyberattacks involved low budget tools  
  • 20% of cyberattacks involved custom-made malware or weaponized exploits  

The research is worth reading as it shows that all organizations need to make sure that their defenses are on point to avoid being the next victim.

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