iOS 14.7.1 Bug Puts iPhone Users Into A Difficult Situation…. Install It And Potentially Suffer A Crippling Bug…. Or Don’t And Get Pwned

Apple released iOS 14.7.1 in early Late July. It was meant to fix a serious bug that at the time that was being actively exploited:

That should make it a must install. Right? Well, maybe not.

On Apple’s support forum, there are several threads from users complaining that iOS 14.7.1 broke their iPhones, causing a “no service” problem where users are unable to connect to cell service. There are similar threads on Apple’s developer forums as well. And from what I have read, users are saying that restarting the phone, removing the SIM, and even resetting network settings didn’t help.

Now, I am running iOS 14.7.1 and I am not seeing this. And I suspect that many other iPhone users running iOS 14.7.1 are not seeing this either. But I have a theory as to why. I live in an area with good cell coverage. This bug appears to happen when you lose your cellular connection and switch to WiFi calling. So my guess is that you may never see this if you typically never lose 5G or 4G coverage. But if you’re in an area with weak cellular coverage, you might be more likely to see this.

So that puts users who haven’t updated to iOS 14.7.1 in a difficult position. Install this update and risk having this issue. Don’t install iOS 14.7.1 and risk getting pwned. And what’s worse, if you wanted to roll back to iOS 14.7 you can’t do it as Apple has stopped signing iOS 14.7. And what’s even worse than that is that Apple who surely must be aware of this, hasn’t commented on this issue. Which is typical for Apple as they aren’t the type of company who comments on issues their users have that are being widely discussed unless they are forced to.

I guess the only hope is that Apple will release a fix for this really soon. But honestly, Apple needs to do a much better job of dealing with stuff like this as it’s pretty clear that this is a widespread problem.

Shame on you Apple.

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