HP Study Shows Employees Are Bypassing Security To Meet Deadlines

Today, HP released a study revealing almost half (48%) of younger office workers (18-24 years old) view security tools as a hindrance, leading to nearly a third (31%) trying to bypass corporate security to get their work done. The HP Wolf Security Rebellions and Rejections Report highlights how employees increasingly feel frustrated by security restrictions working-from-home, which is leading to rising tensions with IT teams and putting business security at risk.

While IT leaders had to compromise some security best practices to keep business moving forward despite rising threats, employees have been rejecting efforts to improve security, leading many to rebel against security controls. Over half (54%) of 18–24-year-olds are more worried about meeting deadlines than exposing their organization to a data breach, suggesting a growing level of apathy about security.

Other findings:

  • 57% of Canadian IT teams have felt significant pressure to compromise security if it benefitted business continuity
  • 48% of office workers surveyed agreed security measures result in a lot of wasted time – this rises to 64% among those aged 18-24
  • 37% of office workers said security policies and technologies are often too restrictive
  • 83% of IT execs believe the increase in home workers has created a “ticking time bomb” for a corporate network breach
  • 80% of IT execs said IT security has become a “thankless task” because nobody listens to them, with 69% saying they are made to feel like the “bad guys” for imposing restrictions
  • 44% of Canadian office workers received additional user training on how to protect their home network since working-from-home

The study is very much worth a read as companies will need to take the findings and use those to guide how they work with their employees to keep their environments secure.

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