Salesforce Announces Innovations To Service & Sales Clouds

Today, Salesforce announced innovations both to its Service Cloud and Sales Cloud.

Service Cloud 360: New AI, Digital Channel Innovations Drive Effortless Customer Experiences

Even as customer requests surge and businesses face shortages in available agents, 83% of consumers today expect to be able to immediately interact with a customer service representative who will be able to resolve even complex problems. 

New Service Cloud innovations include:

  • New AI powered workflows built into the Customer 360 platform enable customer service businesses to predict, route, and solve customer needs — sometimes before the customer is even aware a problem exists. These innovations empower service teams to quickly respond to major incidents, automate how cases are routed throughout the organization, and eliminate repetitive tasks that bog agents down.
  • New digital contact center innovations for chat, video, and voice offer new ways to make service interactions more convenient for both customers and service teams. This digital HQ brings together agents’ workspace, voice capabilities, workforce engagement, and Slack to connect employees, partners, customers, and apps on one screen.

Sales Cloud: New Innovations Help Companies Sell Smarter and Grow Revenue Faster

Between rapidly changing markets and demand for sales roles growing 65% in the past year, leaders require tools that support a new way of digital-first selling to meet customer expectations.

New Sales Cloud innovations include:

  • Revenue Intelligence: Equipping sales leaders with insights throughout the entire sales and revenue cycle, from closing deals to setting forecasts to building new pipelines, is imperative as sales organizations evolve from relying on intuition to hard data. 
  • Sales Enablement: Smooth onboarding, training, and development experiences for sales reps are essential to creating engaged teams; retaining and attracting strong talent; and ultimately closing deals.
  • Subscription Management: Companies can deliver a unified customer experience built on the Salesforce Customer 360 platform, empowering customers to manage subscriptions from any self-service channel on their own, and more.

This news is on the heels of Salesforce’s strong Q2 earnings results and in the lead up to Dreamforce where you can expect more announcements.

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