Epic Games Might Be Looking To Appeal App Store Ruling…. While Apple Declares Victory

Much as I assumed, Epic Games was not happy about today’s ruling in the App Store lawsuit. So much so that Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney Tweeted this:

That sounds like an appeal is on the way from Epic Games. What precisely it would be appealing and on what grounds isn’t clear to me. But much as I figured, this is going to continue. Also, Sweeney makes it sound like it’s up to him as to when his games return to the App Store. It isn’t up to him. It’s up to Apple. And I am going to go out on a limb and to say that his games are not going to be welcome back into the App Store anytime soon.

Meanwhile over at Apple, they had this to say:

And in a statement to 9to5Mac, Apple also called it “a huge win for Apple” and “a resounding victory”. I guess that’s some great spin. But as I type this, this is Apple’s stock value:

It’s a safe bet that the value of their stock dropped because Apple will have to open things up to accept alternate payment methods will deprive them of the up to 30% cut of revenue that they currently get. And that’s making investors somewhat nervous. This is why I expect them to appeal.

Round 2 anyone?

UPDATE: This article on The Verge confirms that Epic Games is appealing today’s ruling.

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  1. […] Keep in mind that Apple lost one count in the Epic Games lawsuit and it was insanely trivial. Epic Games on the other hand got destroyed and it’s little wonder that they almost instantly appealed. […]

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