Procore Expands Document Management, Data Center Coverage & Regional Customization To Meet Global Demand

Procore Technologies, Inc. a leading provider of construction management software, today announced multiple platform updates to further meet the needs of its global customers —from document control to data and privacy enhancements. Used in over 125 countries, Procore’s platform is continually advancing to provide customers with everything they need to meet business and security needs worldwide. 

Collaborative Document Management Goes Global

Procore is taking its world-class document solution global to improve how the industry collaborates on construction documents across all project stakeholders. This is often a fragmented and inefficient process with construction teams using multiple disconnected solutions for versioning, markup, and workflow management. In 2020, 90 million documents were uploaded to the Procore platform. 

Procore’s new collaborative document management solution, coming soon, will offer a more flexible and configurable approach, making it easier and faster to access and collaborate on documents. It will provide customers with an integrated markup experience, offer custom approval workflows with granular file level permissions, and provide a solution that helps them meet common data environment (CDE) requirements and ISO compliance standards.

Global Cloud Infrastructure and Security Features to Meet Global Needs 

Procore has expanded its global infrastructure with 11 new cloud data centers for file storage, now 15 in total, that allow customers to store certain project data locally, while also improving the speed and performance of the platform. Procore provides enterprise grade security and privacy features such as data encryption-at-rest, managed bug bounty program, strict access control policies, and more. Procore solutions can assist customers in meeting their data privacy and governance requirements, including GDPR, California’s Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and Australia’s Privacy Act of 1988 — learn more here

Platform Flexibility and Global Enhancements Drive Customer Success

With feedback from global customers, Procore is building customization into the platform to meet the diverse needs of customers around the world. Whether building an inspection test plan in Australia or contractual correspondence in Germany, Procore’s customizable platform flexes to support regional business needs. Custom and Configurable fields are now supported by every product across the platform.

Industry Votes Procore as Top Construction Platform Solution

Procore was recently named the tenth best software company in the world on The Software Report’s list of 100 Top Software Companies of 2021, and received top honors from G2 in eight categories of software: construction management, construction project management, bid management, construction ERP, construction drawing management, construction accounting, punch list, and jobsite management software.

To learn more about these platform enhancements, register and join Procore virtually at Groundbreak, the company’s annual conference being held October 12-14. 

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