HP Supports Partners For Defining Hybrid Decade Ahead At Global Partner Conference

Today at HP Reinvent, HP Inc.’s signature global partner event, the company unveiled a range of bold new offerings designed to support partner growth amidst evolving customer expectations, while keeping the hybrid workplace productive, connected and secure. The event theme – Innovation for the Future of Work – invites partners to join forces with HP to explore innovations driving the hybrid workforce and celebrate those reinventing how their job gets done — through collaboration, innovation, and technology.

HP speakers include President & Chief Executive Officer Enrique Lores; Chief Commercial Officer Christoph Schell; President of Printing, Imaging and Solutions Tuan Tran; President of Personal Systems Alex Cho; Chief Information Security Officer Joanna Burkey; and Global Head of Route-to-Market Luciana Broggi. Luminary speakers include Microsoft Chairman and CEO Satya Nadella and Organizational Psychologist and Bestselling Author Adam Grant.

Industry’s Most Robust Channel Intelligence Platform

Business that prioritize data at the center of their vision and strategy are 58 percent more likely to beat their revenue goals than non-data driven companies. With worldwide data usage expected to reach a staggering 175 zettabytes by 2025, businesses are tasked with ramping up investments in data intelligence while minimizing complexity between insights and action.

Today HP unveiled HP Amplify™ Data Insights, a new partner platform designed to turn data analytics into rich insights that inspire new strategies, steer innovation, and anticipate customer needs. Now available on the HP Partner Portal, the robust platform combines proprietary, third party and partner data into one intuitive dashboard, enabling partners to benchmark performance, deepen customer relationships and solidify long-term strategies. 

Accelerated PC Solutions for the Hybrid Workplace

With hybrid work continuing to be the norm, managing employee devices has never been more challenging. IT teams are constantly balancing priorities to meet the demands of changing work environments while boosting productivity and employee experience with the right technologies. To address this new reality, earlier this week HP introduced a range of enhanced PC solutions:

  • New Managed Service for IT:  For IT who wants to modernize and automate how they manage PCs, HP Adaptive Endpoint Management is a fully managed service that helps IT managers send PCs directly to employees with zero-touch deployment. 
  • New Manageability Solutions for IT: For IT who want to manage the BIOS using the cloud, HP Connect for Microsoft Endpoint Manager frees up valuable IT resources by making it easy to remotely configure, secure, and update the BIOS of HP commercial PCs. IT can now create policies for groups of devices customizing over 100 different HP BIOS settings.
  • HP Cloud Endpoint Manager: A cloud-ready solution designed for IT who want a better way to deploy and securely manage thousands of HP Thin Clients, all through a modern and intuitive interface. Accessible from any location from a web browser, the solution helps IT prioritize their day with customizable dashboards that include metrics and analytics to keep them up to date on deployments, device compliance, and server health.

Simplified Managed Print Services with New Cloud-Based Subscription Plan for Hybrid Work Environments

With the transition to hybrid work, organizations are now required to adopt a new approach not just to where and how employees work, but also to their IT and print infrastructure. As a result, we’re seeing a rapid shift to cloud services.

In response to evolving these evolving dynamics, HP today announced a simple, worry-free printing solution with automatic supplies delivery, next business day service, and embedded security and productivity solutions.  HP Managed Print Flex, a cloud-first Managed Print Service (MPS) subscription plan, helps businesses optimize costs by simplifying management, improving productivity, and delivering flexibility to scale or customize as business needs change.  This light-touch managed service makes it easy for businesses to worry less about printing and focus more effort and budget towards growing the business.

HP Managed Print Flex offers channel partners an especially compelling opportunity to grow predictable print revenue and profit without complexity and risk through upfront revenues on hardware, resell and commission options, ad-on solutions and service subscriptions, shorter sales discussions and more.   

Securing the growing hybrid workplace

HP recently released its HP Wolf Security Rebellions & Rejections report, a comprehensive global study of office workers and IT decision makers to assess organizational cyber risk in an era of remote work. The report reveals that 91% of IT Teams feel pressure to compromise security and nearly a third (31%) of young workers are trying to bypass corporate security policie7HP Wolf Security is helping partners to secure the hybrid workplace by delivering a new breed of transparent and unobtrusive endpoint security.

Call to action to restore the world’s forests and combat climate change 

Any company aiming to remain competitive and viable beyond this decade is redefining its business priorities around accelerated, expansive change that is also better for the planet. We must change the way we make and use products to address the climate crisis and protect nature to prevent the loss of critical ecosystems.

As part of our ambition to become the world’s most sustainable and just technology company, this week HP is proud to help bring Trees for Jane to the world as its founding partner. Announced this week, Trees for Jane is a new grass roots campaign inspired by one of the world’s most renowned environmentalists, Dr. Jane Goodall, who issued a call to action to help drive meaningful change by participating in the campaign for the protection, restoration and planting of trees to restore the world’s forests.

Aligned with the UN’s Decade on Ecosystem Restoration commitment, Trees for Jane is aimed at empowering everyone from individuals to companies to plant and care for their own tree or trees in their backyards, rooftops or with local community groups. Alternatively, they can support forest protection and restoration programs led by indigenous leaders, forest communities, and on-the-ground NGOs who have been working to stop deforestation and bring back lost forests. In partnership with Trees for Jane, HP is encouraging its global partner community to plant and grow trees of their own in support of climate action. Learn more about the Trees for Jane initiative here

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