Pinterest Announces Second Annual Global Creators Festival 

Pinterest announced today it will host its second annual global Creators Festival on Wednesday, October 20th, 2021.

With content and topics inspired by creators, the global virtual event will feature internationally-recognized talent, top emerging creators, Pinterest executives and special guests who will announce the company’s latest creator products, features and experiences. The event will be hosted in countries around the world including the US, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany and France. 

The hour-long, live-streamed event will touch on an array of topics from growing an inspired audience, to launching a brand, to creating high-quality content that fosters more meaningful engagement, to monetizing content and tackling challenges such as creator burnout.

People are taking control over their emotional and mental health, and expect the brands they use to prioritize this wellness and provide a space for it. For creators, they’ve been seeking out platforms that foster a kind and inclusive environment to create their content. Pinterest, known as the “kindest corner of the internet,” took intentional steps this spring to further bolster its inclusive space through the launch of its Creator Code, a mandatory set of guidelines intended to educate and build community around making inclusive and compassionate content. In addition, the company unveiled advanced comment moderation updates, including positivity reminders, keyword filtering and spam prevention signals that use machine learning to detect and remove negative comments.

The inclusive brand also launched several new products and tools to help creators feel seen and empowered, including an international expansion to the brand’s skin tone range search feature, which shows inspiration and ideas similar to the skin tone range users select; a ban on all weight loss advertisements to deter negative body image and commentary; and most recently, a new hair pattern search, that through computer vision, enables Pinners to refine hair searches by unique hair patterns: protective, coily, curly, wavy, straight and shaved/bald. 

Register to attend Pinterest’s October 20th Creators Festival:

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