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Introducing The New Pinterest For WooCommerce Extension

Posted in Commentary with tags on April 13, 2022 by itnerd

Today, Pinterest announced an integration with the e-commerce platform WooCommerce, allowing businesses of all sizes to sync their digital catalogs and turn their products into shoppable Pins with in-stock availability and pricing information. Once a brand’s catalog is uploaded, Pinners can click on a shoppable Pin to be taken directly to the retailer’s site to make the purchase. 

With the growth of Pinners engaging with shopping surfaces increasing over 20% both quarter over quarter, and year over year in Q4 2021, the WooCommerce partnership gives Pinners more options to discover new brands and products, and purchase with confidence.

The Pinterest for WooCommerce extension builds on the platform’s investments to make Pinterest a premiere personalized shopping destination. Now even more businesses and creators can connect with people who have a purchasing mindset but are still undecided about which brand they want it from. Through its own research, Pinterest found that shoppers spend 50% more when they take a week to make a decision and Pinners typically outspend by 2x more than people on other platforms, with 85% bigger baskets at checkout. 

Just last month, Pinterest rolled out several new features to enhance its value-based shopping experience and enable creators and advertisers to target their audiences even more through a more taste-driven shopping journey. These products and the WooCommerce partnership are the next step in allowing brands to connect and engage with their audience along the full shopping funnel – from  inspiration to realization. 

Beginning April 13th, the Pinterest for WooCommerce integration is available in Canada, the U.S. and several other countries. WooCommerce creators and merchants can install the Pinterest tag today, become a Verified Merchant and set up their Storefront.

Pinterest Announces Policy To Combat Climate Misinformation

Posted in Commentary with tags on April 6, 2022 by itnerd

Today, Pinterest is announcing it is rolling out a new climate misinformation policy to keep false and misleading claims around climate change off the platform.

As an early mover on misinformation, Pinterest believes in cultivating a safe, trusted space online and is expanding its existing misinformation policy to focus more specifically on climate change. This policy will make Pinterest the only major digital platform to have clearly defined guidelines against false or misleading climate change information, including conspiracy theories, across content and ads. 

The expanded policy will prohibit any organic or advertising content that may harm the public’s well-being, safety or trust, including:

  • Content that denies the existence or impacts of climate change, the human influence on climate change, or that climate change is backed by scientific consensus. 
  • False or misleading content about climate change solutions that contradict well-established scientific consensus.
  • Content that misrepresents scientific data, including by omission or cherry-picking, in order to erode trust in climate science and experts.
  • Harmful false or misleading content about public safety emergencies including natural disasters and extreme weather events.

This climate misinformation policy is part of Pinterest’s ongoing commitment to ensuring a safe platform. Here is a timeline of other Pinterest policy announcements: 

2016Cultural Appropriation: Pinterest prohibits ads for sensitive content including cultural appropriate and inappropriate costumes
2017Health Misinformation: Pinterest launches health misinformation policy which prohibits anti-vaccination content
2018Political Ads: Pinterest stops running political ads
2019Compassionate Search: Pinterest rolls out compassionate search for people seeking mental health support and Pinterest launches authoritative search experience for vaccine-related searches
2020Elections: Pinterest launches a policy to prohibit misinformation related to elections and other civic participation
2021Weight Loss Ad Ban: Pinterest updates its weight loss ad ban policy that prohibits all ads with weight loss language and imagery
2022Climate Misinformation: Pinterest expands its Community and Advertising guidelines to prohibit all content and ads with climate misinformation

And if you’re looking for inspiration to make sure you’re sharing correct content on Pinterest, Green Girl Leah shares her tips in an Idea Pin.

Latest Functionality From Pinterest Allows Sharing Across Platforms

Posted in Commentary with tags on March 16, 2022 by itnerd

Starting today and in the course of this month, all users can download and share published Idea Pins on social channels including Facebook and Instagram. These Idea Pins will be downloaded as a watermarked video that stitches all the Idea Pin pages together, and ends with an end card that displays the creator’s name and username.

Now, with Idea Pin Sharing and Downloading, a creator’s original Pinterest content can go even further reaching new audiences on and off Pinterest. To share an Idea Pin to Facebook or Instagram stories: Select the “FBStories” or “IG Stories” icon in the share menu, which will initiate a download. Once the download finishes, it takes the user to the Facebook or Instagram app with the story creation flow open and the watermarked Idea Pin video pasted in. It can then be edited and posted.

Pinners can still share content to other social platforms. The download option provides the ability to quickly save and upload watermarked Idea Pin content onto other platforms like Snapchat and TikTok.

Idea Pins are Pinterest’s native publishing format that was first introduced to creators in 2020 and rolled out globally in 2021. Idea Pins are a multi-page canvas to share unique ideas, tutorials, passions with others. They last forever, and are a way for creators to grow an audience on Pinterest. In Pinterest’s “Watch” tab Pinners find a full-screen feed of Idea Pins to scroll through and engage with fresh content from brands and creators, so Idea Pins continue to be discoverable by everyone. 

Creating on Pinterest is different. Creators on Pinterest are tastemakers. Pinterest is an environment that’s deliberately engineered to feel more positive – where people get inspired and bring a creator’s ideas to life. That means more actionable engagement, instead of vanity metrics. Ideas are discoverable instead of disappearing in a chronological feed.

Top 3 Best Practices for Idea Pins:

  1. Instructional and actionable – Use videos, images, text to walk people through the steps and make it easy for them to take action on the Idea. 
  2. Use Video –  Video is great for telling a story and to connect with the audience. Start with a video on the first page. It’s your best chance to stand out and hook your audience. 
  3. Make it Personal – Idea Pins are not for sterile, polished content. Let your brand voice shine with our editing tools such as stickers, music controls, video filters and more.
  4. Pinterest’s profile highlights -. With profile highlights, Creators are also able to add Idea Pins to the top of their profile, enabling them to show off their most engaging and immersive Idea Pins. 

Pinterest Previews Its Future Of Personalized Shopping

Posted in Commentary with tags on March 10, 2022 by itnerd

Today, Pinterest hosted its second annual Pinterest Presents global advertising summit to preview a range of new product features set to bolster the platform as the personalized shopping destination along with more ways for brands to tap into the trends and creators that help them meaningfully connect with consumers.

Pinterest is building from a strong 2021, with brands leveraging the platform to reach their audiences with meaningful engagement and pushing Pinterest to surpass USD $2B in revenue for the first time. With nearly half a billion people across the world using Pinterest each month to find inspiration, Pinterest is developing its efforts to become the digital destination for personalised shopping, making it even easier for Pinners to bring their Pinterest boards to life, and purchase anything they see on the platform. 2022 is a year of further investments with a focus on growing an inspired content and shopping ecosystem.

Pinterest will be rolling out new features in 2022 to enhance its values based shopping experience and enable creators and advertisers target their audiences even more through a more taste-driven shopping journey, including:

  • Pinterest Trends Tool – Businesses in the US, Canada and the UK will see new features to the Pinterest trends tool, including real time search data, more trend types, more granular audience tools and personalized trend recommendations for your business. And later this year, we’ll launch the tool to additional countries all over the world.
  • Your Shop – a new entry point into shopping on Pinterest, powered by a taste-driven algorithm. Every Pinner will be served a customized shopping page, made up of content from creators and brands, based on their own unique preferences and styles. Your Shop is currently in beta for US Pinners and will launch to all US audiences later this year, with more countries to come after that.
  • Checkout – currently in beta, is a feature that allows shoppers to purchase without leaving Pinterest, avoiding a redirected experience Checkout is now available in beta for select Shopify merchants in the US.
  • Shopping API – Pinterest is making it easier for merchants to create and upload catalogs through Pinterest, so that the platform can be a commerce destination for merchants of all sizes. Sale season? Your pricing’s already updated on Pinterest. 

Pinterest also unveiled new research on the power of ‘inspiration’ proving that when people feel inspired, they’re also more likely to act. The study revealed: Canadian users perceive Pinterest as a space where they feel positive (77%)*, much more so than with other digital platforms, leading to shoppers on Pinterest in Canada outspending people on other platforms by 80% every month**. 

For more details on the upcoming products and what was unveiled at Pinterest Presents today, check out the Pinterest Business site for videos and more information.

*Source: Dynata, Canada, 2021, commissioned by Pinterest. Shopping among People who use Pinterest monthly and people who use other platforms, Fashion and Beauty verticals combined

Pinterest Introduces A New Suite Of Creator & Pinner Products & Experiences

Posted in Commentary with tags on October 20, 2021 by itnerd

Today, Pinterest introduces a new suite of creator and Pinner products and experiences globally, as the platform continues to evolve to become home for the next generation of creators. At its second annual Pinterest Creators Festival featuring Megan Thee Stallion and Storm Reid, Pinterest creators Kerin Rose GoldWendy’s WorldHenri PurnellCarolina Gelen, and China Bell, among others, introduce the new products alongside creators from countries including the UK, Germany, France, Japan and Columbia. 

The new features empower creators to publish high-quality content that drives meaningful engagement with their communities, and pays them for their inspiring content. These new experiences offer Pinners more ways to watch, make and shop creator content.

Introducing an All-New Watch Experience 

Among the leading new features, Pinterest redesigned its home feed to offer Pinners the option to “Browse” or “Watch” when looking for inspiration and ideas. The new “Watch” tab is a full-screen feed of  Idea Pins users can scroll through and engage with fresh content from creators. It shows the best Ideas Pins relevant to a Pinner’s tastes and preferences. The “Browse” tab is an evolution of Pinterest’s traditional inspiration feed. Providing both a “Watch” and a “Browse” option puts the power in users’ hands to choose how they’d like to get inspired. The new experience will be available to Pinners in markets where Idea Pins are available on iOS and Android starting today.

“Takes” make everyone a creator on Pinterest and enable meaningful engagement

Creating on Pinterest is different. With an already-engaged audience, we’re introducing takes, a new way for people to respond to a creator’s idea with their own Idea Pin. Takes allow creators to build more meaningful engagement with their communities and to inspire action. Unlike other apps focused on entertainment and passive scrolling, takes are designed to inspire Pinners to try something new, and empower creators to build community around shared passions. Pinners’ responses will link back to the creators’ original Idea Pins, and creators can also highlight top takes from Pinners. Takes is available on iOS and Android for Pinners and creators globally.  

As part of the takes rollout, Pinners will also be able to create Idea Pins for the first time with a range of new publishing tools to make their Idea Pins more actionable, including: seasonal and interactive stickers, thousands of music tracks with new editing capabilities, new video editing and recording capabilities, and a preview mode which helps creators see the final output before publishing. Additionally, Pinners who engage with creator content will see a comment code that reinforces positive interactions with creators. This new comment code builds on the recent launch of the Creator Code, our content policy designed to keep Pinterest a positive and inspiring place. 

Paying creators $20M for inspiring content

Today, Pinterest is rolling out “Creators Rewards”, its first-ever in-product monetization program for creators. The new program is Pinterest’s latest initiative to pay creators for sharing their passions and inspiring meaningful engagement through their content. Access to Creator Rewards is available in the U.S., through an all-new global Creator Hub, where creators can manage their Pinterest presence with tools, tips and insights. Additionally, as part of Creator Rewards, Pinterest is also providing micro-grants for projects that creators are passionate about or want to bring to life. For example: start a community garden, create a wellness program or fund a new beauty look. On top of that, Pinterest will issue a series of engagement-based goals inspired by trending topics or new Idea Pin features, and creators will have the opportunity to get paid for meeting the goal requirements. Pinterest is investing $20 million for Creator Rewards and other initiatives to support creators. 

In April, Pinterest launched its first-ever Creator Fund in the US, a program that elevated creators from underrepresented communities through financial and educational support. In July, the company introduced even more ways for creators to earn money on Pinterest, giving them the ability to make their Idea Pins shoppable, earn commissions through affiliate links, and partner with brands on sponsored content. Today, Pinterest is expanding its product tagging tool to include the Amazon Associates program so creators in the US can add affiliate links from Amazon. Research shows shoppers who visit Pinterest weekly outspend non-Pinners by 2x every month and have an 85% larger basket size.*

Celebrities encourage Pinners to “Create Your Take” in global activation 

To further inspire Pinners and creators to take action on the inspiration they find, Pinterest kicks off its global “Create Your Take” activation, featuring celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Megan Thee Stallion, Storm Reid, and more. Each notable creator will share an inspiring Idea Pin, encouraging Pinners to build on that idea and share their own take—everything from Halloween ideas to fall fashion to dog style. The activation will be rolling out between October 2021 and March 2022 in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany and France.

Introducing Creator Originals: our first-ever original content series 

With a focus on the hottest emerging creators, Pinterest is launching Creator Originals, a new content series featuring over 100 creators across 10 countries who represent the best of Pinterest. Starting today until January 2022, each creator will release a series of original Idea Pins on a specific theme meant to educate, teach and inspire Pinners. Pinners can discover the new original programming in the Daily Inspiration section on the search tab starting tomorrow. 

The new content series will teach Pinners a new skill, then will prompt them to create their own take on the idea. Pinners can view individual Idea Pins in the series, or they can watch them sequentially for a more comprehensive experience. Below is a snapshot of some of the creators Pinners will get to watch right on Pinterest: 

  • Beauty unpacked with Priscilla OnoCelebrity makeup artist Prisicilla Ono – best known as the global makeup artist for Fenty Beauty and Rihanna’s longtime make-up artist – will teach how to take care of your brushes, how to nail your foundation and concealer routine and how to recreate ‘90s supermodel glam, among other skills.   
  • Fête styling with Kelly Wearstler: Get into seasonal celebrations by perfecting your decor from fall to winter with design guru Kelly Wearstler.
  • Wellness with Ally LoveCEO of Love Squad, Peloton instructor and host, Ally Love will share her skincare routine after sweaty workouts, her favorite smoothie recipe, the basics of bossing up and how to style athleisure. 
  • Let’s get dressed with Zerina Akers: Emmy Award-winning costume designer Zerina Akers will teach Pinners how to style one item multiple ways, how to elevate everyday looks, how to pick the right accessories and how to transition an outfit from day to night.  
  • Hair for it with Kahh Spence: Celebrity hair stylist, beauty expert and entrepreneur Kahh Spence will show his post-flight hair hacks and easy hot weather hairstyles, teach how to lay baby hair and share his must-pack hair products. 
  • Cooking better with Joshua WeissmanProfessional chef Joshua Weissman will take you through culinary school—his way. You’ll learn the art of perfectly cooked rice, emulsifying mayo, braising a chicken and mastering knife skills, among others. 
  • Southern cooking with Kia CooksChef Kia Damon will teach how to assemble a festive Southern dinner table, one dish at a time. She’ll take you through her modern take on classic staples such as biscuits and gravy, turnip greens, and smothered chicken.
  • Hype my home  Mat Sanders: Join home and design trend setter Mat Sanders as he inspires and uncovers interesting tweaks to your living space for a fresh and updated look.

Pinterest is deliberately designing a product rooted in inspiration, inclusivity and positivity for Pinners, creators and brands. These latest features address the changing needs and expectations of creators and consumers online, and they enable everyone to inspire, build and reach new audiences;  engage with a community around shared passions; earn money with original content and become a storefront for merchants. The new features and experiences will start rolling out on iOS, Android, web and desktop today. 

* (Source: Dynata for Pinterest, US, 2021 Shopping for fashion and beauty among people who use Pinterest compared to people who don’t use Pinterest but use other platforms, April 2021) 

Pinterest Announces Second Annual Global Creators Festival 

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Pinterest announced today it will host its second annual global Creators Festival on Wednesday, October 20th, 2021.

With content and topics inspired by creators, the global virtual event will feature internationally-recognized talent, top emerging creators, Pinterest executives and special guests who will announce the company’s latest creator products, features and experiences. The event will be hosted in countries around the world including the US, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany and France. 

The hour-long, live-streamed event will touch on an array of topics from growing an inspired audience, to launching a brand, to creating high-quality content that fosters more meaningful engagement, to monetizing content and tackling challenges such as creator burnout.

People are taking control over their emotional and mental health, and expect the brands they use to prioritize this wellness and provide a space for it. For creators, they’ve been seeking out platforms that foster a kind and inclusive environment to create their content. Pinterest, known as the “kindest corner of the internet,” took intentional steps this spring to further bolster its inclusive space through the launch of its Creator Code, a mandatory set of guidelines intended to educate and build community around making inclusive and compassionate content. In addition, the company unveiled advanced comment moderation updates, including positivity reminders, keyword filtering and spam prevention signals that use machine learning to detect and remove negative comments.

The inclusive brand also launched several new products and tools to help creators feel seen and empowered, including an international expansion to the brand’s skin tone range search feature, which shows inspiration and ideas similar to the skin tone range users select; a ban on all weight loss advertisements to deter negative body image and commentary; and most recently, a new hair pattern search, that through computer vision, enables Pinners to refine hair searches by unique hair patterns: protective, coily, curly, wavy, straight and shaved/bald. 

Register to attend Pinterest’s October 20th Creators Festival:

Pinterest Launching Hair Pattern Search Tool Aimed At The BIPOC Community

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Today, Pinterest is launching hair pattern, a first-of-its-kind search tool, created with BIPOC in mind, that empowers Pinners to search for hair inspiration across six different hair patterns. 

Through computer vision-powered object detection, hair pattern search enables Pinners to refine hair searches by six different hair patterns: protective, coily, curly, wavy, straight and shaved/bald. When a Pinner searches for a broad hair search like “hairstyles” or “glam hair”, they can narrow their search results from one of the six different hair patterns. As one of the biggest beauty platforms, Pinterest has detected a hair pattern (e.g. coily, curly, protective) in over 500 million images on the platform.* 

Hair pattern search builds on Pinterest’s industry-first inclusive product feature skin tone ranges, first launched in 2018. This announcement marks another major step forward for inclusivity in tech and furthers Pinterest’s commitment to having 50% of its content come from creators from underrepresented groups (based on self-identification).

How to use hair pattern search:

  • Open the Pinterest app
  • Select the search icon
  • Type “hairstyles” or “summer hairstyles” or “glam hair” into the search bar
  • Select from one of the six hair patterns from below the search bar: 1) protective 2) straight 3) wavy 4) curly 5) coily 6) bald/shaved to see hair inspiration that is most relevant to your style and preference. 

Pinterest’s Head of Inclusive Product, Annie Ta, worked with BIPOC creators and Pinners like Editorial Hair Stylist and Global Artistic Director of Amika, Naeemah LaFond to help build and design the product. A champion for diverse hair representation, LaFond advised on the overall user experience and inclusive language used within the app alongside third party experts who ensured the inclusion of diverse users and perspectives in the development process. Building a truly diverse and inclusive product means not simply considering people of color in the development cycle, but rather putting them first.

More details can be found on the Pinterest Newsroom

Pinterest Introduces New Ways For Creators To Earn Money & Partner With Brands

Posted in Commentary with tags on July 27, 2021 by itnerd

Today, Pinterest is launching a new way for Creators to build their business and earn money by partnering with brands on sponsored content. 

Pinterest is introducing a new paid partnerships tool, allowing Creators to disclose their paid partnerships. Creators who make branded content can now add brands directly in their Idea Pins, and once the brand approves the tag — the Idea Pin will include a “Paid Partnership” label. 

The paid partnerships tool is now live for select Creators in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, France, Spain, Italy Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Peru.

In the U.S. and U.K., Pinterest is also launching Idea Pins product tagging tool to all business accounts and will continue rolling out access over the coming months to international creators. Idea Pin product tagging, is a new tool that enables Creators to tag their Idea Pins with any of the millions of Product Pins on Pinterest. 

Pinterest is focused on building a creator platform centered on inspiration over influence and entertainment. With these latest updates, Creators can make their content more actionable and shoppable, make a living and easily partner with brands. 


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More details can be found on the Pinterest Newsroom

Pinterest Launches New Shopping Features

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Today, Pinterest launches new shopping features in Canada, giving Pinners new ways to explore, shop and buy to improve their online shopping experience for both Pinners and merchants on the platform. Each feature is designed to emulate in-store shopping to create a more personal and immersive experience. Thanks to the expansion of Pinterest shopping features, Canadian Pinners will now be able to shop right from Pins, on boards, from search, and from the inspiration they find in the real-world using Lens camera search. Pinners will also be able to get inspiration from Shopping spotlights, which showcase expert recommendations and trends from influential fashion and home tastemakers as well as publishers.

Given the dramatic increase in social commerce reliance and transactions seen from Canadians over the past year, tech companies and businesses of the like can best optimize their revenue by understanding how to best adapt to the online shopping behaviours of their customers, through lockdown and even after the pandemic.

Along with new features, The Goods by Pinterest, in Canada, the U.S., the UK – a two week Shopping Spotlight, will give Pinners access to limited edition products exclusively sold through Pinterest from emerging DTC brands such as Canadian retailers Omi Woods and Park and FifthBôhten EyeglassesThree Sisters by Emma and 19/99 Beauty.

Canadian brands like Knix and Article, are among the first to be part of the new Verified Merchant Program that gives blue checkmarks to merchants that meet Pinterest parameters for high quality products, website and positive customer experience – using Pinterest to grow online sales through social commerce based on the momentum of its online sales throughout the pandemic.

New ways Pinterest is enhancing the customer shopping experience include:

  • Shopping in Search: A new shop tab with product only results in search, making it easy to shop in-stock products from a range of retailers when searching for terms like “summer outfits”, “home office decor”, “kitchen remodel”. We’ve also added price and brand filters to the experience.
  • Shopping in Lens: Shopping with Lens connects real-world, offline inspiration to online ideas that can be shopped on Pinterest, powered by visual search. When Pinners see something that inspires them out in the real world, they can take a picture using the Pinterest camera and run a visual search for similar in-stock home decor and fashion products.
  • Shopping in Closeup: When Pinners close up on a Pin, we’ll automatically identify the products that they can shop within that Pin using category labels and dots. By tapping on these labels and dots, our visual search technology will return product results that are similar to what’s shown in the image.
  • Product Detail Pages: We’ve updated the closeup experience on Product Pins to make it easier for Pinners to shop the products they find on Pinterest. When Pinners close up on a Product Pin, they’ll see additional product details and information from the merchant like price, shipping, and reviews to help them decide whether to buy.
  • Shopping Spotlights: Shopping spotlights introduce expert-selected, trending content to inspire Pinners to shop and discover new brands. With the feel of a personal stylist and the look of an editorial magazine, shopping the latest trends has never been easier. We’re kicking the experience off with product picks based on Pinterest trends from publishers including Marie Claire in Australia and in France and InStyle in Germany.
  • Shop your Board: Pinners can see a dedicated Shop section on their boards, featuring in-stock product ideas from and inspired by their saved content.
  • Shopping List: This new shopping feature will allow Pinners to easily access all the product Pins that they have saved on Pinterest in one place and find key information such as price, reviews and shipping in an even grid to compare products and make purchase decisions. Pinners will also be informed of any price update on these products thanks to price drop notifications. (Only available in the US & UK, coming soon to Australia, Canada, France and Germany). 

 New ways Pinterest is supporting the merchant experience include:

  • A verified merchant program: We’ve launched the Verified Merchant Program with retailers like Knix and Article in Canada, who’ve met our qualifications for high quality products and website as well as positive customer service experiences. Verified Merchants will display a special blue checkmark on their profiles and become eligible for increased distribution within high-intent shopping experiences and metrics like conversion reporting. Retailers interested in signing up for the program can learn more at
  • A merchant storefront in profile: An updated profile enables merchants to transform their shop tab into a storefront with featured in-stock products organized by category, featured product groups and dynamically created recommendations.
  • Tagged Products: Merchants can add product tags to their Pins using the tagging tool in Pin Builder. When Pinners close up on a Pin with tagged products, they’ll be able to see product details like title and price right in the scene and can tap the tag to visit the product Pin and learn more, making it even easier to shop the inspiration they find on Pinterest.

Pinterest Introduces Idea Pins Globally & Launches New Creator Tools & Discovery Features

Posted in Commentary with tags on May 18, 2021 by itnerd

Today, Pinterest is introducing Idea Pins, its multi-page video format, to all creators in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This new access and capability will empower anyone with a business account to create inspiring content and better interact with their audiences, building more engaged communities directly on Pinterest. A testament to Pinterest’s growth in the business space.

Starting today, creators will also have a suite of new publishing tools including, video-first features, fresh editing tools and updates to make creating Idea Pins easier and more creative.

 Idea Pin creation now includes:

  • Video recording and editing for up to 20 pages of content
  • Voice over recording so creators can add their own personal voice
  • Music selection 
  • Ghost mode transition tools (perfect for those before-and-afters!)
  • Detail pages for instructions or ingredients
  • Interactive elements like people tagging and stickers
  • Multi-draft save so Creators can publish more ideas
  • Export options to share content beyond Pinterest
  • Topic tagging, a publishing feature that helps connect content to relevant interests
  • The Creator Code – our content policy designed to keep Pinterest a positive and inspiring place

Pinterest wants to help creators find an audience, which is why it’s also introducing new ways for Pinners to discover Idea Pins. Starting today, all Pinners in the UK, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland will see Idea Pins from creators they follow right at the top of their home feed. These following streams give Pinners a new way to see fresh content from creators they follow and discover new creators to engage with. Pinterest is also showing Idea Pins in more places, including search, the Today Tab and the top of creator profiles. Idea Pins will be displayed in this special full-screen stream view, designed to engage and inspire Pinners.

For Pinners, this means the ideas within a Pin will be more engaging and actionable. In the past month, Pinterest has seen 9x the average comment rate on Idea Pins compared to standard Pins.* With Idea Pins, Pinners can see the process of inspiration unfold – from the initial spark, through personalization, iteration and conversation, ending with tries (and fails!)

The name Idea Pins captures what makes this Pin format for creators special — ideas and inspiration. Idea Pins make it easy for creators to publish high quality, long lasting, save-able content directly to Pinterest.  In Canada creators such as Natalie Ho and LaToya Lanice have already grown their audiences, with ideas like this, and inspiration like this. In fact, the number of Idea Pins created daily has grown by nearly 4x since January. Publishers like Food Network CanadaBay St Bull and HGTV have also started to use Idea Pins to inspire their audiences across a diverse range of verticals including beauty, fashion, food and well-being. With these updates, Pinterest is highlighting the people behind the content and encouraging Pinners to follow creators and engage with the ideas they find. 

More details can be found on the Pinterest Newsroom.