Instagram/Facebook To Release Teen Research… But It Doesn’t Matter And You Should #DeleteFaceBook

Facing increasing amounts pressure about the effects of Instagram having teenage girls, Instagram and its corporate parent Facebook has now promised to make copies of two presentations available to both Congress and the public according to Engadget:

Facebook will publish two internal slide decks detailing its research into how Instagram affects teens’ mental health sometime “in the next few days.” Speaking at an online event hosted by The Atlantic, the company’s policy chief Nick Clegg said the company would release the data to Congress before making it available to the public.

“We’re just making sure that all the Ts are crossed and the Is are dotted so that we can release it both to Congress and then to the public in the next few days,” Clegg said of the slides, some of which have already been made public.

It really sounds to me that they’re trying to edit stuff so that it looks like Instagram isn’t as harmful as it actually is. Which means that this release is meaningless. My advice is the same as always. If you are a parent, #DeleteFacebook from your kids phones and ensure that they never use it. And you can do your part by being a role model for you kids and take the steps to #DeleteFacebook from your phones and your life.

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