ASUS Portable Projectors To Take Fall Movie Mights Anywhere

There’s no better way to transition into sweater weather than to curl up and catch up with your favourite TV shows and movies. With new shows being added to Netflix in October (You: season 3, Love is Blind Brazil, Kim’s Convenience: season 5) along with a range of spooky movies, why not cozy up in style with ASUS?

ASUS currently has two portable projectors to view your fall favourites on:

  • ZenBeam E2: The recently launched ZenBeam E2 is ASUS’ latest portable projector model featuring up to four hours of playback time, wired and wireless projection, and an Auto Portrait feature allowing the viewer to change its orientation while in use. Coming in a flat compact form and weighing just 410 grams, it’s perfect for a quick indoor or outdoor setup.
  • ZenBeam Latte: Sitting at the size of a coffee mug, the ZenBeam Latte doubles as a bluetooth speaker and projector; its battery holds three hours of projection or 12 hours of audio playback, and projects up to 300 LED lumens output and 720p native resolution. It can connect through wireless connectivity, bluetooth, or a USB-A port.

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