Anonymous Managed To Not Just Pwn Epik Hosting…. They Pwned Them In Epic Fashion

While that’s a bad joke, it is accurate that Epik Hosting seriously got pwned in epic fashion according to this report:

The hacking collective Anonymous has released what it claims to be new data from the controversial web hosting company Epik.

In a press release on Tuesday, the hacktivist group announced what it has dubbed as “The /b/ Sides.” or part two of “Operation EPIK FAIL.”

Anonymous took credit earlier this month for breaching Epik, known for hosting far-right websites such as Gab, Parler, and TheDonald, before releasing an 180GB cache of the domain registrar’s data. The hack affected more than 15 million people and exposed names, physical addresses, passwords, credit card numbers, emails, and more.

Now, the hacktivist collective says it has leaked “several bootable disk images of assorted systems” in a roughly 70GB torrent file.

“[Y]ou didn’t think we completely dominated Epik and merely ran off with some databases and a system folder or two, did you?” the press release states. “We are Anonymous. Flexing as hard as we can is how we do a barrel roll (Press Z or R twice!).”

Hacking something and obtaining data is one thing. But getting entire disk images allows you to look at their server infrastructure in detail in your own environment whenever you want is something entirely different. This can lead to future attacks as the hackers in question will be able to build a complete roadmap of their target’s infrastructure along with all their weaknesses. That’s the definition of getting pwned in epic fashion. And it is an epic fail if you’re Epik. Not to mention that if you were using any of the services that Epik hosted, you may be in deep trouble. For example a Florida estate agent was fired as a result of the leak after it emerged he had tried to register domains such as via Epik as per the data dump that is related to this pwnage.

This is about to get very interesting. Stay tuned for updates as I am sure that lots of them are about to hit the press.

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