OVHcloud Announces Strategic Partnership To Scale Its Database As A Service Catalog

OVHcloud is scaling its Database as a Service (DBaaS) catalog with the general availability1 of Managed Databases for MongoDB as well as the free beta version2 of four major databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis and Kafka.

As more and more organizations want to move their databases to the cloud to increase their agility and scalability, OVHcloud brings them reliability and compliance with a fully managed service based on its trusted cloud infrastructure.  

The managed database solutions enable developers to not have to worry about time-consuming database configuration, set-up, and maintenance of the software, the backups, and hardware infrastructure needed to run the service securely. Additionally, they are compatible with all OVHcloud solutions (Bare Metal, Hosted Private Cloud, Public Cloud, Virtual Private Servers) as well as companies’ on-premise infrastructure.   

With Managed Databases for MongoDB – which was primarily launched in beta back in June 2021, its now available today for all – users benefit from the latest and official version of MongoDB and can get started within minutes thanks to OVHcloud’s vertically integrated system. 

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