BREAKING: TELUS/Koodo Has A Wireless Outage In Winnipeg, Ontario & Quebec

TELUS at this hour has a significant outage as per this Tweet that appeared on my Twitter timeline:

I tested this with my iPhone as I am a TELUS customer and got a “No Service” notification. So this isn’t good. Checking Twitter illustrates that a whole lot of TELUS and Koodo (the flanker brand of TELUS) customers are very upset. I’ll update this post as I get more info, but from past experience, outages like this don’t get resolved quickly. Thus I suspect the rage from TELUS/Koodo customers will only increase over time.

UPDATE: This affects Public Mobile customers as well.

UPDATE #2: Further testing indicates that I can make phone calls using TELUS WiFi. So if you have that functionality enabled on your phone, and you’re on WiFi, you can still make and receive calls. This document can help you enable it if you don’t already have it enabled.

UPDATE #3: TELUS is now directing customers to the outage page for status updates. Also, some people have emailed me asking why this won’t be a quick fix. Though while I am free to be surprised, I know that mobile phone networks are built to be redundant. That’s why they don’t go down frequently and when they do, it’s an event that captures the attention of many. So whatever happened to TELUS today, it has to be catastrophic. And those sorts of events don’t get fixed quickly. Thus TELUS/Koodo/Public Mobile customers will need to pack their patience.

UPDATE #4: I am surprised. I just checked my phone and saw this:

It seems that the TELUS network is live again. I’m watching closely to see if it stays live.

UPDATE #5: I just received an official statement from TELUS:

TELUS is working to fully recover service after some customers experienced intermittent wireless service issues in parts of Ontario earlier this afternoon. We know how critical connectivity is for our customers, and we sincerely apologize for the service interruption. Further updates can be followed by visiting

I can also say that some people are able to get service back by restarting their device(s). The TELUS outage page has that advice. I would suggest trying that to see if you get your wireless service back.

UPDATE #6: Full service has been restored to all customers

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  1. I wonder if this will be resolved faster or slower than the huge Rogers outage in April!

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