Twitch Pwned AGAIN…. This Time They’ve Defaced The Site

For the second time this week, Twitch has been pwned. Hackers have managed to deface Twitch for a few hours this morning, replacing a number of background game images with photos of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos:

Users reported seeing images of Bezos in the listings for GTA V, Dota 2, Smite, Minecraft, Apex Legends, and many more on the Amazon-owned service. It’s not clear how the background images were changed or whether this latest incident was aided by a huge security breach at Twitch earlier this week. Hackers were able to exploit a server misconfiguration and steal hundreds of gigabytes of information. Twitch is still investigating the breach, and so far a wealth of information pertaining to the website’s source code, unreleased projects, and even how much the top streamers make has been released.

Clearly Twich still has serious security issues that it clearly hasn’t closed. And given that the source code is out there, you can fully expect that more hacks are coming. Which is bad if you’re Twitch and their corporate parent Amazon.

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