Research Highlights The Challenges In Securing The Cloud

451 Research released new findings titled “Modern Clouds Need a Novel Security Approach”, highlighting the challenges with fast-moving and increasing cloud security adoption and how to address them. Key findings include:

  • Cloud remains a significant gap for InfoSec
  • Security teams are looking to catch up in cloud expertise
  • Newer cloud security work is collaborative
  • Newer cloud deployment environments are increasingly automated
  • Centralized teams feel the brunt of multi-cloud and multi-platform

451 Research regularly reaches out to key IT stakeholders to research, among other things, different quantitative and qualitative aspects of their security programs. 451 Research found that having adequate knowledge of cloud platform capabilities and security controls topped the list of information security gaps for both 2019 (48%) and 2020 (41%). 

Gajraj Singh, Chief Marketing Officer, Blue Hexagon had this commentary:

 “As security teams prepare to scale up expertise on securing cloud environments, we find it vital to require deep collaboration between cloud engineering and security. Security teams must be aware that they will need to support newer, faster processes, as well as new technology options, including a variety of cloud workloads, services, operating systems and serverless function execution. It is critical to cover the spectrum of security use cases along the entire lifecycle of building within the code development pipeline, deployment to cloud and runtime monitoring and enforcement.”

Seeing as more and more companies are moving some or all of their infrastructure to the cloud, it is vital that their InfoSec game has to be on point or bad things will happen.

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