Darktrace Self-Learning AI Defends Organizations Across All 16 CISA Critical Infrastructure Sectors 

Darktrace today announced that its Self-Learning AI is defending organizations across  all 16 critical infrastructure sectors designated by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)

Within CISA, the Office of Infrastructure Protection leads efforts to manage risks to critical infrastructure,  deeming them  ”essential to the economy, security, and sustainment of the American way of life.” Self-Learning AI has proved crucial in this mission. It augments human teams and takes autonomous action to detect and respond to threats against the country’s most sensitive systems and critical data—at the earliest stages of an attack. 

Self-Learning AI works by constantly evolving its understanding of both IT and operational technologies, allowing it to identify the subtle, emerging signs of a cyber-threat and take targeted action to interrupt encroaching attacks. These real-time alerts enable critical infrastructure organizations to continue business operations without disruption. 

The technology also allows defenders of critical infrastructure to achieve the Biden Administration’s goals outlined in the  National Security Memorandum on Protecting Critical Infrastructure Control Systems — namely threat visibility, indications, detections, warnings, and facilitating response. 

Darktrace Self-Learning AI has successfully fought back against insider threats, supply chain attacks, zero-day exploits, APTs as well as state-sponsored attacks across U.S. critical infrastructure industries. 

In  May 2021, hackers hit Colonial Pipeline with ransomware, forcing the company to halt the pipeline’s total operations to contain the attack. In the same month, Darktrace AI detected, investigated, and contained a double extortion ransomware attack on a water and wastewater organization in  North America. Unlike in the case of Colonial Pipeline, the attack was interrupted before hackers could demand any ransom payment or disrupt business operations. Darktrace catches ransomware and other security threats similar to this every day across all 16 sectors. 

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