AppDynamics Survey Gauges Their Concern Surrounding The Impact Of Major Outages

A recent high profile digital service outage saw Facebook – including its other services/brands Instagram, WhatsApp and Oculus – offline for over 6 hours, causing widespread disruption for consumers that use these applications and digital services on a daily basis, as well as businesses that rely them as part of their operations. 

But Facebook is not alone in facing this type of crisis.

In a world of sky-high expectations for digital experiences, and record levels of intolerance for poor-performing applications, this level of disruption can cause businesses significant financial cost and damage to reputation.   

In the immediate aftermath of the outage AppDynamics surveyed 1,011 global IT decision makers in 11 countries to gauge their concern surrounding the impact of major outages, understand the pressure they are facing and their confidence in the technology, tools and processes they are currently using. The results are as follows:

  • 87% of enterprise technologists say they are concerned about the potential for a major outage and the resulting disruption to their applications and digital services. 
  • 84% say that they feel pressure from their organization’s leadership to prevent a major performance issue or outage of their customer and employee facing applications and digital services.
  • 87% admit that increasing complexity of their IT stack is already causing delays in identifying the root cause of issues.
  • 97% of IT teams have some form of monitoring tools in place, many of which provide highly sophisticated and advanced methods of identifying and fixing anomalies. But they question the effectiveness of these tools in this new world. Only 27% are entirely confident that they meet their needs.
  • 72% think it is critical or important that their organization deploys a full-stack observability solution within the next 12 months to solve complexity across their IT stack and identify and fix the root cause of an issue.

There is more information in this AppDynamics blog post here:

Research conducted between 7th – 11th October 2021

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