ESET Launches New Consumer Offerings Aimed At Remote Workers

The shift to the hybrid work model has blurred the lines between home and office devices. Although the flexibility comes with many benefits, it has also opened opportunities for cybercriminals to take advantage of unsuspecting and hard-working employees. 

ESET’s 2021 Threat Report found a rise in threats targeting employees who work remotely, and as we continue to see employees blend remote work with office hours, these threats won’t go away anytime soon. In fact, with more time spent traveling and in public places, hybrid work could leave us even more vulnerable to potential risks as devices are being used outside of their intended environments.

This is one of the reasons why ESET has launched a new version of its consumer offering, including ESET Smart Security® Premium, which boasts a host of new features and improved protection for home users. The foremost among these is LiveGuard, which provides an additional proactive layer of protection against new and unknown threats cropping up in the ever-changing landscape.

Not only does LiveGuard, and its cloud sandbox, lower the risk of becoming the employee who brings malware to work, but ESET Smart Security Premium also has a number of other new features and practical benefits, including: 

  • Mobile Security – Employees use smartphones not only for personal use but also for work-related tasks. Our mobile phones are our wallets, calendars and digital filing cabinets. Housed on them can be anything from health records to travel documents to sensitive financial details. With this one  device playing such a crucial role in our lives, it is essential that modern cybersecurity solutions are mobile compatible, and that users are protected and able to manage their security on the go.
  • Banking and Payment Protection – Banking and Payment Protection recognizes and mitigates these risks, safeguarding your financial data during online transactions. Newly upgraded, this feature now offers the option of running a browser in secured mode by default, encrypting communications between the keyboard and the browser when accessing Internet banking sites or web-based cryptocurrency wallets. Banking and Payment Protection also defends against keylogging attacks from cybercriminals attempting to steal login credentials to hack into accounts. 
  • Password Manager – Having unique, complex passwords for every account is one of the central principles of good cybersecurity, but it can be a headache to manage what often feels like an endless list of logins. To make this less of a hassle, Password Manager has been completely redesigned for improved security and ease of use. Not only does this feature store and organize your passwords seamlessly, but it can also generate strong passwords for new accounts. Available as both a browser extension on Windows devices and an app on Android and iOS devices, Password Manager enables users to keep track of their account credentials however is most convenient for them.

For more information on ESET solutions and ESET Smart Security Premium, or to sign up for a 30-Day full-feature free trial, click here.

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