TechTarget Recognizes Martello Vantage DX With A Network Innovation Award

Martello Technologies Group Inc., a leading developer of enterprise digital experience monitoring (“DEM”) solutions for Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams is pleased to announce that TechTarget and have recognized Martello Vantage DX with a Network Innovation Award: TechTarget: Vantage DX brings digital experience monitoring to Teams.

As the COVID-19 pandemic changes the way people work, the adoption of video conferencing and collaboration applications such as Microsoft Teams has skyrocketed. As businesses shift to a hybrid work model, experts predict that many will continue to rely on these applications to support both on-site and remote staff. It is in this context that TechTarget has chosen Martello Vantage DX as the latest winner of its Network Innovation Award, for its ability to proactively monitor the Microsoft Teams user experience in hybrid work environments.

According to TechTarget: “As employees increasingly depend on team collaboration suites to do their work, it becomes more important that the apps themselves consistently work as they should. And, in complex hybrid environments, traditional IT monitoring tools may not be up to the challenge. That’s where digital experience monitoring (DEM) enters the chat. Sometimes referred to as end-user experience management, DEM is a relatively new approach that involves correlating data from across on-premises infrastructure, cloud infrastructure, applications and endpoints. TechTarget is recognizing a notable new DEM platform, Vantage DX from Martello Technologies, as the latest winner of our Network Innovation Award for its impressive Microsoft Teams end-user experience monitoring capabilities. The Vantage DX suite combines call quality analytics and network path analysis to help enterprises find not just where problems exist, but also what’s causing them and how to fix them.”

Vantage DX is a single platform DEM suite designed to optimize the ‘work from anywhere’ Microsoft 365 and Teams user experience. Vantage DX provides industry-leading Microsoft 365 and Teams user experience monitoring and analytics capabilities, allowing IT teams to rapidly prioritize and resolve performance issues impacting the user experience, and proactively optimize future performance. Request a Demo of Vantage DX.

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