Canadian Tech Hiring Activity Accelerates: CompTIA Study

Employers across Canada are accelerating their recruitment and hiring of technology workers, according to a new report from CompTIA, the nonprofit association for the information technology (IT) industry and workforce.

Job postings for tech occupations jumped 42,100 year-over-year in the first three quarters of 2021, a 65% increase, CompTIA’s “Canadian Tech Industry and Workforce Trends 2021” report reveals. It’s a signal that many employers are resuming hiring activity in conjunction with the recovering Canadian economy.

The CompTIA report estimates that tech employment in Canada will increase by 15,000 positions this year, with the bulk of hiring occurring in three provinces – Ontario (+7,545 new hires), British Columbia (+3,144) and Quebec (+3,008).

Over the past five years, Ontario accounted for 55% of net tech employment job gains, followed by British Columbia (22%) and Quebec (19%). The Toronto metro area alone accounted for nearly half of all net tech employment job gains during this period.

On a sector basis, the IT services and software categories are projected to account for 82% of job gains in 2021, reflecting the ongoing trends of IT modernization and digital transformation. On an occupation basis, the systems analysts and cybersecurity category will contribute a projected 34% of job gains for the year followed by software and web developers (30%) and the IT and network support personnel (14%).

At year’s end Canada’s tech workforce is projected to total 1,146,270 employees, approximately 6% of the Canadian labour force. The estimated median tech wage of $81,751 is 47% higher than the median national wage for all Canadian workers. Salaries for experienced tech workers or those with select skills are notably higher at the 75th and 90th percentiles.

The tech industry accounts for about 5.1% of the total Canadian economy, which translates to $96 billion CAD. There are an estimated 50,401 tech business establishments across the country. The highest concentrations are in Ontario (26,683), Quebec (10,011), British Columbia (5,834) and Alberta (5,031).

The complete “Canadian Tech Industry and Workforce Trends” report, with comprehensive national, province and metro area data on average wages, business establishments, job postings, emerging tech metrics and more, is available at

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