BREAKING: TELUS And Koodo Have An Outage In Montreal [UPDATE: Alberta Fixed… Montreal Fixed]

It has come to light that TELUS and Koodo customers in Montreal may be having issues due to an outage. Both brands took to Twitter to alert their customers. I have the Tweet from TELUS below:

Cable cuts aren’t exactly trivial to fix. But here’s hoping that TELUS and Koodo customers in Montreal get back online soon as we all rely on our mobile phones these days.

Stay tuned for updates as they come.

UPDATE: There’s apparently another outage in progress based on what I see on the TELUS Outage Site. This one is in Alberta:

Hopefully this too gets resolved quickly.

UPDATE #2: The outage in Alberta has been resolved. But as of 9:55PM the one in Montreal has not been resolved. Because this is a cable cut, I expect that outage in Montreal to go on for quite a while yet.

UPDATE #3: The TELUS Outage Site says that the Montreal outage is resolved.

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