Review: Comply Premium Earphone Tips For AirPods Pro

I have been using the AirPods Pro for a couple of weeks now, and the number one complaint that I have is that I couldn’t keep them in my ears for more than 30 minutes due to the ear tips being super slippery. And if you guess that it also means that working out with them is also a #fail as well due to sweat, you go to the front of the class. But I have solved that problem via using the Comply Premium Earphone Tips For AirPods Pro. Quite frankly they have transformed the AirPods Pro for me.

I got them in small, medium, and large tips. And if you’re new to Comply Earphone Tips, that’s how you should buy them so that you can figure out what size works for you. In my case, that turned out to be medium. That was interesting because the stock Apple tips that I was using in my follow up were the large ones. They install just like Apple’s own tips. But they fit far better and won’t move in my ears under any situation. Such as listening to music, doing Zoom and Teams calls, and doing workouts. And they are even more comfortable than the Apple supplied tips. That’s a total win for me. Another thing that I noticed is that the Comply Earphone Tips do a much better job of isolating you from outside noise. That makes the noise cancelling work much better, and frankly the music sounded a bit better as well as I could lower the volume a bit which helps to bring out more detail in the music that I used to test these ear tips.

They also give your AirPods Pro a distinctive look. Especially since I have a case on them that matches the color of these ear tips. One thing that I will note is that you might have trouble closing the case with these ear tips on. But if you rotate the tips as they are oval shaped, that problem will go away.

Now, a word about how you buy them. Comply Earphone Tips for AirPods Pro come in a pack of small, medium and large as well as in a pack of three in the size of your choice.. I would buy the former to figure out what size works best for you. Then given that you need to replace them every three months, you can then get a three pack in the size that you determine that works for you. Either way, a set of three is $24.99 USD directly from the company. If you have AirPods Pro and you would like them to fit better in your ears, you need to get these to enhance your experience with your AirPods Pro.

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