Business in Canada In 2022: An Outlook From Citrix’s New Head Of Canada

With 2021 winding down quickly, here’s some predictions on the outlook for business in 2022 and the trends that are expected to continue and those that are expected to emerge from David Byerly – Citrix’s new head of Canadian operations.

Much of what we saw this year was an extension of the trends forced upon businesses of all types by the pandemic – most notably the new ways of working – but going into 2022 many are wondering what the post-pandemic business world will look like. Here’s David’s thoughts:

Virtual Business Is Here For Good

Employees and business leaders alike have adapted to remote and hybrid work models and come to see the benefits flexible work can have on employee engagement and productivity, work-life balance and mental health, talent recruitment and retention, operating costs, and even the environment.
And now, we can see that flexible work models are not going away anytime soon, with research showing 90 percent want to continue to do it going forward.

To facilitate this, businesses will begin designing and implementing purpose-built digital workspaces in which employees can securely and reliably access the apps and data they need to perform their job and collaborate with their team, no matter where they are working from. 

And these workspaces will be supported with policies that encourage equitable working methods to ensure no employee is at a disadvantage to contribute to the business and advance their careers because of where they happen to be.

A Hybrid Class Of Jobs Will Emerge

Over the last decade or so, we witnessed a large number of knowledge workers leaving their corporate jobs for consulting and freelance work, which created what many called “the gig economy”.

And just as work has transitioned to hybrid models, so too will we see a new class of hybrid jobs emerge, with the flexibility of work that so many of us now desire and expect being combined with the stability and benefits so often associated with corporate positions.

By leveraging hybrid work models and digital technologies, companies create a new class of “gigs with benefits” that provide the flexibility and autonomy freelance, contract and gig workers crave, along with the stability that has become increasingly attractive as the pandemic wears on. 

An Unprecedented Wave Of Innovation And New Tech

Every year brings new technologies and 2022 will be no exception. If anything, this next year will actually bring more innovation and new tech than any year ever before.

Innovation took centre stage in 2020 and 2021 – as businesses were forced to implement new technologies if they wanted to survive the pandemic – and research showed that investments in new technology and flexible work models over the last year fueled a $678 billion boost in revenue across industries. 

And with 69 percent of business leaders around the world saying they will increase investment in R&D in the next 12 months to sustain this growth, this trend of innovation and new tech is set to continue and even increase in intensity.

Of the many varying areas of technology, expect to see the following tech trends emerge all across the business world: parallel internets, hyper-automation, more accessible AI, decentralization, and the metaverse.

It will be interesting to see how many of these predictions come true in 2022. My guess is most if not all of them will come true.

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