Best Buy Pulls TCL Google TVs Due To Slow Buggy Software

This could not come at a worse time for TV maker TCL as a lot of TVs are sold during the holidays. Retailer Best Buy has pulled some of their TVs from sale according to The Verge:

Best Buy — the exclusive US retailer of the TCL Google TVs — has abruptly removed both models from its store listings, and TCL confirms to The Verge that there are issues being ironed out.

Some early buyers of the 6-Series with Google TV (model R646) have complained about what they describe as a buggy, sluggish user interface. I myself have been reviewing a 65-inch model over the past couple weeks, and while the Google TV home screen seems to work relatively well, it didn’t take long for me to notice some general slowness when pulling up and going through the settings menu. There can also be a lag before the TV reacts to remote control commands. My roommates have observed crashing apps and a few instances where the TV itself froze and became unresponsive. Some online reviews cite more annoying problems that require unplugging the TV altogether.

This isn’t a good look for TCL as they are known for selling a lot of TV that are feature rich at a good price. The net result is that people will likely look elsewhere for their next TV this holiday season.

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