Norway’s Largest Media Company Is Being Pwned By Hackers As I Type This

Apparently an active cyberattack on Norway’s largest media company is underway and the results are absolutely catastrophic according to The Record:

Amedia, the largest local news publisher in Norway, announced on Tuesday that several of its central computer systems were shut down in what it is calling an apparent “serious” cyberattack.

The attack is preventing the company from printing Wednesday’s edition of physical newspapers, and presses will continue to be halted until the issue is resolved, Amedia executive vice president of technology Pal Nedregotten said in a statement. The hack also impacts the company’s advertising and subscription systems, preventing advertisers from purchasing new ads and stopping subscribers from ordering or canceling subscriptions. 

The company said it is unclear whether personal information has been compromised — the subscription system affected by the attack contains names, addresses, phone numbers, and subscription history of customers. Data such as passwords, read history, and financial information are not affected, the company said.

Amedia publishes more than 90 newspapers and other publications that reach more than 2.5 million Norwegians, according to the company’s website. The attack on Amedia is the third major Norwegian cyberattack reported over the last several days.

This is pretty bad as whoever these bad actors are, they’ve taken down this company. And recovery will likely be difficult. I’ll be keeping an eye on this evolving situation.

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