Waze’s Snow Alert Feature Can Help Drivers To Avoid Or Report Unplowed Streets

As Ontario digs out from yesterday’s storm, drivers can make use of Waze’s Snow Warning feature, which alerts users when they approach a road identified as being unplowed — similar to the reporting of other hazards in the app.

  • Click on Hazards
  • Weather
  • Unplowed road

Additionally, Waze users looking for gas can search for gas stations on their route and find the best priced fuel powered by community members sharing gas prices throughout the country. 

The Waze Gas Station feature notifies drivers of nearby gas stations, prompting users to update the gas price at that specific location so that other Waze users can search for the cheapest prices in their area or route.
For drivers, you can set up your Gas Stations setting here:

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on Gas Stations.

Users have a choice to select preferred gas type and preferred brand. Under Search, users can sort stations by price, distance or brand.

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