Review: Native Union Drop Classic Leather Wireless Charger

Wireless chargers are now a necessity of life if you want to keep your phone charged. And there are a billion wireless chargers out there. But this one from Native Union which is called the Drop Classic Leather Wireless Charger caught my eye.

The surface of the charger is made of Italian leather. And while I got mine in black, it also comes in brown which I would imagine will patina over time giving it a unique look. It also has some weight thanks to the aluminum that the base is made of, along with a rubber base which means it’s not going anywhere on your desk.

The cable that comes with it is a 6.5 foot USB-C to USB-A cable that is woven and has a leather strap as well. It’s such a good quality cable that I would be tempted not to use it and save it instead. The only thing that isn’t included is a power adapter. Just make sure that the adapter supplies at least 10W of power because here’s what the charger is capable of:

  • Qi enabled devices up to 10W
  • iPhones up to 7.5W

Using this charger that I recently reviewed, I tested this with my iPhone 12 Pro with its Spigen case on it and I had no problems charging the iPhone. Ditto for my AirPods Pro with its Spigen case. In other words it works as advertised without an issue which makes it very easy to recommend. Native Union sells the Drop Classic Leather Wireless Charger for $79.95 CAD. But if leather isn’t your thing, there is the Drop Wireless Charger which comes in four colors and has a textile feel to it for $64.95. Either way, this charger is an easy way to add some function and style to any desk.

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