The Future In Terms of 5G Advanced & 6G As told By Nokia Bell Labs

Imagine a world that fuses the digital, physical and human domains to create revolutionary immersive experiences. The coming together of machines, ambient data, intelligent knowledge systems and robust computation capabilities that redefine how we live, work and take care of our planet. This is exactly what we will experience with the arrival of 6G beginning in 2030.

New wireless generations come in 10-year cycles. Nokia Bell Labs has already started 6G research ahead of its arrival in the 2030s. But what is 6G and what is involved in getting there? 6G will connect the human and digital worlds. It will enable us to make holographic calls. It will include sensing capabilities that will enable us to see around corners.

Here’s a quick explainer on 6G:

On top of that video, I would encourage you to read this primer on 6G.

Nokia Bell Labs are also in the midst of working on 5G-Advanced, which will be the springboard for 6G. 5G-Advanced is expected to drive public and private networks starting in 2025 and will require a rethink of how networks are architected, designed and deployed. It will provide robust support for critical network applications, whether via communication service providers (CSPs) or as industry-grade private wireless networks.

Here’s a primer on 5G Advanced:

Nokia Bell Labs expects 6G to launch commercially by 2030. Standardization phase 1 will likely start from 2025, leading to the first 6G specification in 3GPP Release 21 by 2028. It will be followed by commercial deployments around 2030.

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