Almost 25% Of Organizations Still Not Adhering To Security Compliance Mandates: IBM i Marketplace Survey

HelpSystems, a cybersecurity and automation software company, today announced the findings from its eighth annual IBM i Marketplace Survey. The survey provides a close look at how organizations use the IBM i platform and the IT initiatives it supports. It reveals the trends shaping and driving the market and provides insight into what the future may bring for this technology.

Key Findings

  • In addition to cybersecurity, other top concerns include high availability/disaster recovery (59%) and modernizing applications (56%).
  • 24% of respondents do not adhere to any compliance mandates.
    • The biggest increase is those adhering to HIPAA regulations (21%).
  • Remote operations brought new challenges including security concerns with remote access (46%) and supporting employees working from home (42%).
    • Many organizations are making changes to better support remote operations such as automating manual processes (38%), leveraging IBM i Access Client Solutions (34%), and implementing layered security around VPN access (32%).  
  • RPG usage has soared to 93%.
  • 73% of respondents are considering upgrading to Power10.
  • A new finding this year was a 33% increase in IT and business automation.

Aside from year-over-year trends and data points, the report findings also answer the following questions: 

  • Are more organizations adopting IBM i in the cloud? 
  • Are shops expanding their IBM i usage? 
  • How does IBM i’s ROI compare to other servers?
  • Are IBM i customers staying current on the latest OS levels?

Methodology and Demographics

This survey represents the viewpoints of IBM i professionals from around the globe across multiple industries and regions. This diverse sampling spans variability in budgets, company size, server size, operating system versions, and experience levels to give a representative and diverse look at the worldwide IBM i market. Manufacturing reclaimed the top seat as the main industry of our respondents this year, with an increase of four points to 18%. 

This year saw a trend upward in responses from smaller organizations (less than 500 employees). 50% of respondents work for an organization with fewer than 499 employees, an increase of 4 points from the previous year. This correlates with smaller manufacturers running IBM i. In terms of the job titles of respondents, they largely remained the same with small, 2-point increases from administrators and director/VP titles. 

To learn more about how IBM i shops are using the platform and what the future of IBM i looks like, sign up for the accompanying webinar, taking place today at 10AM EST:

To access the complete 2022 IBM i Marketplace Survey results, visit:

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