Introducing the 2022 Canadian creators of #YouTubeBlack Voices Fund

 In 2020, YouTube announced the #YouTubeBlack Voices Fund, which was created to directly support Black creators and artists so that they can thrive on YouTube. Today, they’re announcing their 2022 #YouTubeBlack Voices creator grantees, which include five exceptional Canadian creators.

Over the next year, YouTube will work closely with these creators, offering dedicated partner support, seed funding to develop their channels, and participation in an intensive development program that will cover production, community engagement and wellbeing.

This year’s Canadian creators represent diverse content found on YouTube, from beauty tips with Tosin Ayeronwi (BGT), Caribbean cooking with Chris De La Rosa (CaribbeanPot) and financial advice from Reni Odetoyinbo (xoReni). These creators are offering resources in spaces where representation is so important, and they recognize the impact their voices can have on the Black community.    

Meet the Canadian creators in this year’s #YouTubeBlack Voices class:

  • Mane Yousuf(852K subs, 83M views) Mane Yousuf is entertaining the masses with laughter and good vibes. By mixing spontaneous interactions with viral songs, Mane has created several shows that showcase his passion, and highlight his personality. With access to YouTube, he’s now broadcasting from Calgary to the globe and sharing his humor with the world. 
  • CaribbeanPot(795K subs, 90M views) Chris De La Rosa’s love of Caribbean cooking has taken him from a small village in Trinidad and Tobago to millions of kitchens around the world. His website launched in 2009 as a place for the self-taught chef to document family recipes for his daughters and share his favorite dishes. Now, he has a strong community on YouTube cooking to master his recipes.  
  • BGT(21K subs, 622K views) As Tosin navigates adulthood, her career, and finding her passion, she’s taking her subscribers along for the ride. She launched her channel in 2019, and makes sketches with friends along with fitness content, self-growth vlogs and beauty tips.  
  • xoReni(10.9K subs, 810K views) After buying her first house at the age of 23, Reni saw an opportunity to help more people understand “adulting”. She launched her YouTube channel to become a resource for viewers, and support with career development, financial literacy, and lifestyle content. Her goal? Make complex topics simple.
  • Nora G’s Nook(51K subs, 2M views) Nora G. is a Waterloo-based creator that describes herself as versatile and multifaceted. With an array of passions, she knew she needed a creative outlet to express herself. So Nora G’s Nook was born, where Nora shares everything from interior design to DIYs, fun recipes and fitness tips, and what she calls RTTJMS (Random Things That Just Make Sense!). With every video, she aims to educate, entertain and enlighten. 

You can also see the full talent roster in this video.

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