Guest Post: Data Privacy Day – Cisco AppDynamics Shares the Importance of a Strong Security Posture

By Gregg Ostrowski

Last year in Canada, the Cyber Centre had knowledge of 235 ransomware incidents against Canadian victims from 1 January to 16 November 2021. And the estimated average cost of a data breach, a compromise that includes but is not limited to ransomware, is $6.35M CAD. This presents a massive challenge for organizations to better safeguard their data and the data of their customers. For many, applications and digital services became a lifeline to normality but at the same time their expectations for applications to be high-performing, reliable and secure sky-rocketed.

Launched in 2006 by the European Council to raise awareness around the rights to personal data protection and privacy, Data Privacy Day encourages individuals and organizations to respect privacy, safeguard data and enable trust. According to Gregg Ostrowski, Executive CTO at Cisco AppDynamics, the need for everyone to think and act carefully has never been greater when it comes to sharing and protecting our personal data.

“The AppDynamics App Attention Index 2021 showed that for consumers, security is the number one component of a high performing ‘total application experience’. And 73% of Canadians say that their expectation of brands to keep their data secure has increased since 2020. It goes to show that brands must go above and beyond to meet their users’ expectations towards security,” said Gregg Ostrowski.

“In this post-pandemic era, a strong security posture means organizations have the necessary processes in place to protect their applications and their business from vulnerabilities and threats. In a world where sensitive data is constantly at risk of being compromised by malicious actors, they must be prepared and strengthen their security posture, enabling them to predict, prevent and respond to threats.”

Gregg also says it’s important for organizations to ensure security is at the core of their applications development process. “The DevSecOps methodology, a modern approach to software development, takes things a step further and incorporates security enhancements at the beginning of the application development lifecycle for a more proactive approach to reduce risks of threats to sensitive customer data.”

However, according to Gregg, there’s another piece to the puzzle for a DevSecOps approach to be fully effective. “Teams need to implement a full-stack observability solution. This approach will give them in-depth visibility into the entire IT stack, including traditional legacy systems through to new, native cloud environments as well as hybrid deployments. It is a vital step in the right direction.”

About Gregg Ostrowski

Gregg Ostrowski is an Executive CTO at Cisco AppDynamics. He engages with customer senior leadership to help prioritize their strategy for digital transformation. Prior to AppDynamics, Gregg held senior leadership positions at Samsung and Research in Motion, and he has more than 20 years of experience in the industry.

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