Rapid API Releases The State of Enterprise APIs

Rapid API has released The State of Enterprise APIs, with a highlight on understanding API usage, challenges and strategies. Key findings for this report includes:

Many organizations either have an API program/strategy in place (34%) or are in the process of building one (64%), underscoring its significance to the majority of enterprise API leaders. However, most respondents (88%) realize there are ways to leverage APIs more effectively.

Additional survey findings include:

  • APIs Bring Organization-Wide Benefits, from CX to Innovation: APIs have a direct impact on customer experience and business outcomes. The top five benefits organizations hope to achieve through API usage include:
    • Improved customer experience (49%)
    • Accelerated innovation (48%)
    • Improved collaboration among internal development teams (42%)
    • Improved collaboration and joint development with partners and third-party development teams (41%)
    • Improved developer experience (38%)
  • API Strategies are Still a Work in Progress: Less than one-third of organizations (31%) have a fully executed API program or strategy, while 64 percent are currently building one.
  • A Platform for API Centralization is Key: Nearly all (99%) agree that it is important to adopt a centralized platform for APIs to enable developers and consumers to build, manage, publish, and consume APIs from one place.
    • However, only 13 percent or organizations currently have a single platform in place to centralize access to APIs. The majority of organizations are using multiple platforms, each with varying levels of access to APIs across the organization.

Edward Roberts, VP of Marketing, Neosec:

“This research confirms that APIs are a vital feature of today’s business strategy. Interestingly many organizations are still early in their API journey. However, this road to digital transformation is fraught with challenges and the one that can hurt businesses the most is the lack of API security. As the size of the API landscape continues to grow, the data crown jewels of a business will be found inside these APIs. API abuse is going to become increasingly commonplace because APIs by their very nature expose the business to the outside. For every API that is deployed there will be potential abuse associated with it.”

This report is very much worth reading if you’re an enterprise in this position of using APIs throughout your enterprise. .

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