BREAKING: Two More Artists Pull Their Music From Spotify

This just keeps getting worse for Spotify. News is breaking that two more artists have decided to pull their music from Spotify. The first is India Arie who announced this on Instagram:

That’s a pretty damming commentary on Spotify that I wonder if or how the company will respond to. The second is Graham Nash. That’s not a surprise as he was a member of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young with the Young being Neil Young. The guy who started this exodus from Spotify. And like India Arie, he took to Instagram to tell the world.

This is on top of Brené Brown deciding to “pause” her podcast which is exclusive to Spotify.

This is not getting better for Spotify which underlines the fact that Spotify has a serious problem on its hands. And at some point if this mass exodus gets big enough, or people “pause” posting content on the platform, Spotify will have to make a really hard choice which they clearly don’t want to make.

This is getting very interesting.

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