Salesforce Announces Safety Cloud To Help Businesses Reopen Safely

Today Salesforce announced the launch of Safety Cloud, a tool to help businesses better manage their entry protocols and health testing to create safer in-person experiences at events and in the workplace. 

With Ontario emerging from its fourth lockdown yesterday, it’s clear that Canadian businesses and governments are struggling with effective ways of managing and tracking the health and safety of the public. Though 56% of Canadians supported the latest round of government restrictions, one in four people feel increased loneliness due to lockdowns, longing to ‘just move on with it.’ Going forward, technology will play a critical role in bringing communities together safely. 

Key Safety Cloud Features

  • Management of health and safety protocols: Innovations allow employees and customers to get together safely by automating protocols and easily scaling health status collection
  • Collect and verify COVID health status: Organizations can now implement and manage health and safety protocols, collect and verify employee and customer health status, and streamline entry into buildings with secure, multi-factor credentials
  • Automate and streamline entry: Instead of reviewing every proof of vaccination manually, SMART Health Cards enable organizations to automate verification of an individual’s health status

Salesforce has now used different features from Safety Cloud to reopen 84 of its offices globally. It also facilitated more than 21,500 COVID-19 tests and verified more than 8,000 vaccine credentials, helping more than 4,500 attendees get together safely at Dreamforce SF and NYC 2021. Partners Traction on Demand and Accenture are also using the technology. 

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