HP Has A Suggestion As To How To Make Valentine’s Day A Bit More Personal

HP has a valentines day purchasing suggestion for you. It’s a printer.

The HP ENVY Inspire printer may not sound like the typical Valentine’s Day purchase, however its first-of-its-kind HP photo printing capabilities allows consumers to create custom two-sided custom cards to help put together tailor-made Valentines. There’s two models in play. The first is the HP ENVY Inspire 7900e series which you can see below.

Next is the HP ENVY 7200e series which you can see below:

Both have a great feature set including:

  • SMART PRINTER – Anyone can securely access the printer, send, and store files, and print from home or virtually anywhere using any preferred device with the HP Smart App. Helping you share your most beloved memories easier and safer than ever.
  • SMART INK – Never run out of ink again by signing up for HP Instant Ink. Once signed up, your HP ENVY will automatically order ink to your door when you’re running low. Helping make sure you always have enough to print your favorite memories of those you cherish the most this Valentine’s Day.
  • SMART APP – Enjoy extra features: HP+ gets the most out of the HP Smart App. From housework to homework, the HP Smart app helps advance-scan books, multiple receipts and store editable, searchable files. This gives access to yours or your loved one’s fondest pictures to any mobile device.

You can learn more about the HP ENVY Inspire printers at HP.ca, or via this link. And make Valentine’s Day a bit more personal.

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