Infosec Institute Announces $225,000 Of Cybersecurity Education Scholarships To Close Cyber Skills & Diversity Gap

 Infosec Institute, a leading cybersecurity education provider, today announced $225,000 in cybersecurity education scholarship opportunities to help veterans, students and underrepresented groups in security launch and advance their careers. Since its inception, the Infosec Accelerate Scholarship Program has awarded over $500,000 in educational opportunities for aspiring cybersecurity professionals. 

The Infosec Accelerate Scholarship Program was established in 2018 to encourage new talent to join our industry and close the growing cybersecurity skills and diversity gap. Each year, up to 15 scholarship recipients receive lifetime subscriptions to Infosec Skills, including access to over 1,400 hands-on courses, in-demand certification training and 100s of virtual labs in Infosec’s cloud-hosted cyber ranges.  Providing accessible training opportunities is one of the many ways Infosec hopes to fill the 3.5 million open cybersecurity roles worldwide and increase diverse representation in cybersecurity.

The Infosec Accelerate Scholarship Program includes five categories. Applications are now open to those who meet one or more of the following qualifications: 

  • Infosec Accelerate Women Scholarship
  • Infosec Accelerate Military/Veteran Scholarship
  • Infosec Accelerate BIPOC Scholarship
  • Infosec Accelerate Undergraduate Scholarship
  • Infosec Accelerate LGBTQI+ Scholarship 

The 2022 Infosec Accelerate Scholarship Program application deadline is July 31, 2022. Infosec will announce scholarship winners in the first week of September. Applicants can apply for more than one category if they meet the criteria and submit a separate application for each. 

Learn more and apply for an Infosec Accelerate Scholarship. 

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